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A Day in the Life of Weight Watchers #4

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I've had a fresh start this week as far as my diet is concerned. I have been trying lots of new foods and recipes and making an effort to to write everything I eat down in my tracker. I really want to shed all the Christmas gain and push for another 20lbs loss this year to take me to -80lbs which is my next goal.

I have written food diary posts before which you can view here:
1, 2, 3
I thought I would write another one for all of you that have just started Weight Watchers or were thinking of joining so you can see what a typical day is for me. I get a 35 pro points allowance per day and this is how I use it:

Porridge - 3
Skimmed Milk - 3 (used in porridge and tea during the day)
Melon, grapes, blueberries - 0

(eaten throughout the day)
Melba Toast - 1
WW Cream Cheese - 1
WW Rich Toffee bar - 2
Dairylea Dunker - 3
Apple & orange  - 0

WW pitta bread - 3
Roasted peppers, tomato & onion  - 0

Low fat piri piri hummus - 2
Quorn fillet fried in garlic and lemon - 1

Starter - Roasted butternut squash, pepper and onion soup - 0
Bread roll - 3
Toad in the Hole with onion gravy -11

Late Night Treat
Cup of tea and WW cookie - 2

Total 35/35

So, who is following the Weight Watchers plan? Any new joiners? How are you getting along?


  1. I have to say I'm really surprised about how much you are actually 'allowed' to eat :) I've just started my diet and I might actually give WW a go. I love this blog and you are actually a role model for me, you can be so proud of what you've achieved!

    xx, Josie

  2. Nice food ;-)  what about your fluids are you only drinking water  ?  

  3. Some great snack ideas, I am on the same points so they are easy to add to my meal plans!

  4. I drink about 4 cups of tea a day and a few glasses of sugar free squash and water. I have juice sometimes but you have to count it so I would rather have a piece of fruit for 0 points.

  5. Thank you Josie! I am really happy with my loss so far and I'm going to try lots of enw things in 2012 to keep losing weight.
    I get 35 points a day but someone who is shorter and weighs less might get 26-29. I will eventually be on about 29 points and I plan to cut down on things like potato with my toad in the hole and fill up on 0 point veg.
    WW really suits me and is a great plan, worth trying :)

  6. Melba toast is great, really light laughing cow cheese has 0 points value too. I can have melba toast, laughing cow cheese, tomato cucumber and peppers all for 1 point!

  7. Good luck! I really want to try Weight Watchers but am on a tight budget at the moment so it's not really an option. Looks like you're allowed to eat quite a lot during the day which is good! 

  8. They do an online subscription which I think is pretty cheap which might be worth looking in to. You could always just keep a food diary or use an app like my fitness pal to track your eating and exercise, both are free!

  9. I just started it this week and so far its going quite well! I love the fact you can eat as much fruit and veg as you want! This has given me some great ideas for meals! x

  10. i've done weightwatchers before on the old points plan and lost a stone! however, I gained it again and some more, so I'm on propoints :) I've started a week ago and I've already fallen off the wagon, but it's nice to read over the weightwatcher posts and know someone else is doing it as well! I love the "in the days of" and the recipe posts, gives me an idea of how to start and continue each day!
    Well done on all your weight loss!
    love this blog so much :)

    franky @ http://snippets-scribbles.blogspot.com

  11. Thanks Franky! If you ever want any WW support you can ask me anything on twitter I'm @Gemma_DS Don't worry about falling off the wagon, you have those weekly points to help out and if you have a bad day just start the next day like it never happened! Good luck!

  12. I know, I eat way more fruit and veg than I did before which can only be a good thing. If you click on the 'Gemma' tag on the right hand side you can see all my previous Weight Watchers posts for some mroe inspiration x