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A day in the life of Weight Watchers #2

Thursday, 2 June 2011

I did a 'day in the life of...' post before and I think that people were surprised at the types of food you can eat on the Weight Watchers plan. My last post was for a day when I am in work but this is what I ate today on my day off. I had a little more time to cook so I made two full meals that were filling rather than filling up on low point snacks.

Here is what I ate-


Bread - 3 points
Jam - 2 points


3 Low Fat Sausages from Lidl (very tasty and worth trying) - 4 points
Batter mix (egg, flour and water) - 5 points
Instant gravy - 1 point
Sweetcorn - 1 point
Veg and onions for gravy - 0 points


Hot chocolate - 1 point
Juice - 2 points
Cuppa Soup - 1 point


Rice - 8 points
Green beans - 0 points
Kebabs (extra lean mince, onion, chilli and spices) - 6 points


Milk for tea -1 point
Digestive biscuits - 4 points
Fruit - 0 points

39/39 points

Are any of you doing the Weight Watchers plan? Have you got any low point food ideas you can share with me?


  1. I have been! I like to use a lot of the Weight Watchers brand food - they make bread thats 1 point a slice, cheese that's 1 point a slice, etc. If you like to cook, I recommend skinnytaste.com - Gina posts all low fat recipes and gives you the point values as well! And they're delicious!

  2. wow! you had toad in the hole for lunch! i had no idea that you could eat that much food! sounds like the best diet ever! x

  3. any diet that consists of two proper meals sounds good to me!
    great post!

    have a look at my blog lovely :)

  4. I've never thought of having a proper lunch for lunch if that makes sense.

    I bet it filled you up properly though!! Did you do the steam veg from packets or actually cook veg? I was thinking steamed might be quicker/easier.

    I've stopped having cuppa soups either, good thinking!!

    For breakfast i always have the same, cereal normally, though sometimes for brunch i have two asda crumpets (4), with 2 slices of bacon no fat (2) and mushrooms. Sounds weird but extremely yummy!!

    I have been making lots of salads too with either pasta or potatoes in.

    anyhoo you have me on twitter if wanna chat sweetie



  5. I sometimes worry that i eat too much on weight watchers, but its coming off so I am gonna quit worrying. :)

    I still have a Cornetto every night, and still eat plenty during the day. It's really educating me to make the right choices, so that you can have the small treats.

  6. Thanks for the feedback girls!
    Diets don't have to be restricting, I get a little bored sometimes and then I buy the Weight Watchers magazine and make some recipes.

    @Ariana- thanks! will be checking that out, always looking for a bit of diet inspiration.

    @Sarah with Love- yeah it was those steam packs, nice and easy for lunch but you have to count the sweetcorn so if you are low on points you could chose one without peas or sweetcorn.

    @Jorden W- I know, I'm never hungry. Happy to hear it's working for you.

    @sharlxo- I was very full that day, I've never had toad in the hole before, madness!

  7. I'm starting weightwatchers a week on Wednesday (on holiday this Wednesday sadly) and as pathetic as it sounds thsi site and you 'day in the life of weightwatchers' posts have made me pretty excited for it! Clearly I need a life haha.

    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  8. I use cuppa soups a lot :)

  9. I love Weight Watchers! I lost a stone & a half in a few months last year then hit a bit of a wall so took the rest of the year off and have just rejoined. 2lbs lost in my first week and that's without exercise.

    Last time I heavily relied on crabsticks (3 for 1pt!), choc muffin dessert (marks&spencers 4pts) and Davina McCall's DVD. I think it's called Body Fit. It's 4 sections in half hour slots. They actually work! I was skeptical to start with my arms have a little bit of definition whereas before I was bingo winged up! xx

  10. Those kebab sticks look great I might have to try those! :) xx