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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Wow. Where Are My Knees? is now a week old. We're astounded at the response and incredibly grateful for the support we have received so far. Thank you all so much, there's no better motivator than knowing 200+ people are watching your progress!

Everyone knows how much of a struggle it is to lose weight and how difficult it can be to stay motivated so Where Are My Knees? would like to invite all of our readers to join in and make a pledge to meet their weightloss and exercise goals.

On the last Sunday of each month we will post a summary of our progress to date along with our goals for the following month. We would like to invite our pledgers to tell us about their month and goals too. Each month 3 pledgers will be contacted to write a paragraph to be featured in the main blog post and the other pledgers are able to leave comments on the post to update us with their progress and goals. To make this fair we will be working our way down the list of pledgers to make sure that everyone gets a turn.

If you would like to be involved please comment below with your goal for the month and leave us the link to your blog. We have created a page to display our 'pledgers' details and have also made a little button to display on your blog. Don't forget we are also on twitter so if your motivation is slipping or you're finding it hard to resist that biscuit just holler! And if you just want to brag to someone about how well you are doing we would also love to hear that too.


We will give you a brief round up of our week each Sunday to help keep us focused:

Sarah - I have had a great first week and although I have been having major sweet cravings I haven't given in to them. I am really proud of that as I usually fail at the first hurdle and reach for a cream cake. I have also had two nights out with friends and stuck to sparkling mineral water, how good is that! My target for the next month is to lose an inch from both my waist and my hips. I have started walking most nights and am eating healthily so I hope this is achievable.

Gemma - I reached a major goal in my first week, I have now lost 5% of my total body weight and I'm feeling really positive! I have friends over as I type this and they brought the most amazing chocolate cake with them. I planned ahead and ate lots of low point food in the day because I didn't want to be a bore and say no to everything. My aim for the next month is to lose another 7lbs and move closer to my next goal which is to lose 10% of my total body weight.

Charlene - I've had a great first week so far. I managed to get to the gym twice (I had aimed for 3 times but I overworked myself on my first visit and was too sore to go on my 2nd free day - lesson learned!) and it left me feeling happy and motivated. I've been eating well too and resisted a cake sale, a takeaway for lunch, and free Dominos pizza at work this week. I did have a few weak moments and gave in to a packet of Minstrals and 2 chocolates (out of a huge big tempting box...) but as someone who would eat chocolate at least once a day I've done well. My plans for this week are to go to the gym 3 times, and after reading Helen's post, I might start running.

Sarah V - I've had a few challenging moments this week (free donuts at work!), but feel quite proud of myself for resisting temptation, for the most part. Rather than succumbing to chips on a recent night out, I went for Subway instead (one of the lowest fat options). I also made sure I danced a lot! I'm trying to walk to work as much as possible although only managed it twice last week. As I said in my intro post, I've already lost 4lbs which I'm really pleased with for my first week - fingers crossed I'll have lost again at my next weigh-in! For the next week I'm going to try and do a lot more walking - and on top of my Zumba class, I want to factor at least one more workout in.

Lucy - I've had quite a good first week, I've swapped chocolate and crisps for copious amounts of fruit meaning that mid-afternoon snacks are now pineapple (£2 for 400g in Morrisons & 400g = 5/5 a day!) and Weight Watchers vanilla yogurt. I've also started eating breakfast each and every morning so I don't eat rubbish in between meals and those hunger pangs aren't quite as frequent. I've had a couple of weak moments but as yet have resisted giving in with the help of the other girls, I've started as I mean to go on! I'm thinking about giving up carbs in the next couple of weeks but I've not 100% decided yet, I'm going to see how I get on and then make a decision. Has anyone successfully given up carbs? How was it?

So it's now over to you guys, please update us below with your progress so far, set yourself a target for the next month and let us know if you want to take part in the Where Are My Knees? Pledge.


  1. I'd love to be involved! I'm against a battle of PCOS meaning that its much harder for me to lose weight - But somehow I'm getting there, crazy! Got just over half a stone to go, and I can fit into one of my dresses from last year, HELL YEAH! Bday outfit sorted!

    Also training to be a physiotherapist and don't want to be an irony case so am desperate for overall fitness as I'm currently the most unfit person I know 0_o


  2. You are doing so well!! So glad! Looking forward to writing my post :) quite honoured to be asked actually beauts!! Well done to all of you for this weeks achievements!! xxxx

  3. Well done ladies your doing really well! Im love to be involved and take the pledge!
    4th WI at slimming world tomorrow.
    I simply want to loose each week without feeling glum and up my activity (wii fit, riding my bike and alot of walking)

  4. gosh.. im tempted to take part.. ive put on so much weight recently, gah!!! lucy: are you totally giving up carbs and going to try the atkins? x

  5. Ooh I'll pledge!
    So my goal is to just lose a bit of weight and eat healthier all round. This week has had a start which is good, but it's not great so I'm aiming to be a tad healthier this next week. My blog is www.ohlalamaquillage.blogspot.com and well done girls :) xx

  6. I'd love to take part and pledge as I am currently trying to lose weight!

    My monthly goal at the moment is to complete at least 7 consecutive days of Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.

    My blog is http://beznee.blogspot.com :)

  7. Aw well done girlies! You all sound like you're doing amazingly well in your first week. I'd love to join the pledge at some point but not right now as I'm all over the place with my exercise at the mo! I'm looking forward to all your future posts though and I'm proud of you all!

  8. this is such a great idea ladies and I'm so glad you are all doing so well after you first week. My goal for the next month is to run 3 times a week with the couch to 5k plan (ive donaloaded the app so must be serious) and stick to my slimming world plan 100%. I have a dress that is a little too small and i want to fit into it for my masters graduation on april 13th.

    good luck everyone for the next month

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  9. PS I want to take part =) going to put the badge on my blog

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  10. well done for the first week! I found your twitter just after i signed up to WW so doing it along with you!

    I would love to get down a dress size but mainly toning up, just need to get going with the training myself to run! I do a manic job though so it's a bit harder but we'll get there :)

    Good luck all, may you all reach your goals :)

    Laura x

  11. I am pledging because my short term goal is to drop 3 dress sizes by July when I go to Ibizaaaa.


  12. i am pledging!
    ive decided i need to lose the weight i put on in the last 2 years (i've gone up 2 dress sizes) and if i don't lose that much, then i am going to at least drop enough weight to feel comfortable in a bikini this summer!
    I'm going to put this badge on my blog. :)


  13. I will pledge :)
    My blog URL is lifeandalawbook.blogspot.com
    My overall goal is to really tone my body and eat more healthily. My goal for the next month is to start getting to the gym more aside from my boot camp class I'm doing twice a week, and to add a lot more fruits and vegetables into my diet while cutting out junk.

  14. I would love to get involved :)

    I used to walk everywhere, to work, supermarket, shopping, to meet friends etc. Then, I bought a car.

    I have got so lazy and now drive pretty much everywhere. It is noticeable that getting a car has affected my fitness/weight so I need to get on the exercise.

    I am too laid back for my own good sometimes so this will be the push that I need :)



  15. Hey girls :) Am following now and will be reading along and wishing you all well.

    I won't pledge anything as I'm sort of pegging along towards the end of my own weight-loss programme. I have about 4lbs left to go till I've lost 8 stone in total but I'm not pressuring myself into anything so don't want to set a target I can't keep - it's much harder work to lose now than it was at the beginning!

  16. I've been doing an exercise bootcamp for the past 3 months, it's really helping me get fitter, although I'd like to lose more weight from it (I am building up muscle though which doesn't help weight loss!). I was a bit rubbish last week so I'm going to get back to doing it three times a week, and I need to rein in my eating of bread and crisps and have healthy food for lunch. I'm doing ok so far today! Well done girls for the inspiration! x

  17. This is such an amazing idea! :)

    My goal for the month is basically to eat healthier snacks. I work in an office and it's just so easy to grab a chocolate bar or a doughnut. I want to start bringing a lunchbox to work filled with nibbles that are actually good for me!

    I've added your button, although I had to make it a bit smaller to fit. :)

    Link to my blog is katelouiseblog.blogspot.com x x x

  18. You're all doing so well! Congrats! :D
    I've lost a little bit of weight since Christmas just because I stopped buying sweets for in the house. This next month my goal is to try harder to eat healthily and not put on weight during this next months revision time. Revision time normally = lots of 'well done for revising' snacking and treats. I must be good or I'll have to get a giant gown for graduation! :S
    Good luck girls! You're doing great xxxx

  19. Woo congratulations!

    My medium-term pledge is to lose 9lbs by my birthday (20th May), which means losing 5 lbs in the next month and four the following month.

    My long-term pledge is to lose a further half a stone by Christmas 2011 and then STAY THERE!

    My goal for the next month is to exercise at least four times a week, more if I have time, and to lose 5lbs :) I'm going to put your button on my blog and pledge over there, too!


    Sarah x

  20. I love the idea of this. Is real nice how its a proper team effort as well.

    Helen, X

  21. Well done guys! It's a great idea that you can all support and contact each other with your helpful hints and encouragement.

    I'm definitely going to pledge! When I started uni I went up two dress sizes and would love to back buying size tens again. Must get the badge up on my blog soon

    Keep it up girls! Your doing great :)

  22. I'm pledging! This is a great idea :)

    I have been working out & dieting since the beginning of January - mainly because I am getting married in Thailand next month, so have to look good in wedding dress AND bikini! Eeek :)

    I did want to lose weight, but also focus on toning. I have been using My Fitness Pal (which has been so useful), doing 3-4 classes a week (mix of Rebounding, Cardio Barre, Kettlebells & Body Pump) and eating healthily.

    So far have lost about 18lbs, dropped a dress size & improved overall muscle tone. Have got 3.5 weeks to go until flying to Thailand and want to lose 6lbs more & keep toning up!


  23. Such a good idea! I'm going to pledge for the end of this month to stay at my current weight — I'm going on holiday to France so don't want to restrict myself TOO much — but next month's pledge will be much better! I've been dieting on Slimming World since January and lost 18.5 pounds so far and I'm really enjoying cooking more and getting to know my body a bit more.

    Great idea. Love this blog!

  24. I'll pledge!!! I love this blog, its inspirational. I've been getting fit and eating healthy since the beginning of the year and has been my longest kept resolution so far!!!

    I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and have noticed that my clothes are becoming looser but weight is dropping rather slowly, I know you shouldn't really look at your weight but still it would be nice to have some solid confirmation!

    I have no specific goal, just want to slim down, be healthy and look hot. Simples :D I have a holiday at the end of June to Japan *fingers crossed* and Hong Kong in Jan. And we all know the Far East is the land of awesome fashions and petite girls! I want to be able to shop for once!!!

    Good luck to EVERYONE!


  25. I want to pledge. I need motivation, hopefully this will help.

    I want to lose a stone for summer and at least half of it before I am 21 (11th May). Another little goal is to make sure I drink 8 glasses of water a day.

  26. i have pledged, just added your badge to my blog (http://www.moreemilk.com)
    all of you girls are doing so well, your blog is very helpful!
    good luck to everyone! xx

  27. oo I want to be a pledger! I've added the badge to the blog :)

    My goal for April is to lose at least another half a stone with WW & hit the gym at least once a week.

  28. I'd like to pledge :)

    My goal is to tone/firm up, eat a lot healthier and maybe lose a couple of pounds along the way!

    My blog is http://look-flyingmonkeys.blogspot.com/


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  30. I'm pledging!

    Last year I lost two stone, and my goal now is to maintain my current weight and keep up the good habits I've learned! I also do a bit of running and since losing weight my pace has improved beyond all recognition - I've run three half-marathons but my last one was pre-weightloss so before the summer I want to run a half-marathon distance just to see how fast I can go!

    My blog is http://allieinlondonland.blogspot.com

  31. Oh this is coooool!

    Hi Ladies <3

    I pledge to exercise 5 days a week and to feed myself with nutritious food and to loose 20 kgs

    Mele, Australia



  32. I'd like to be involved!! :-)

    I pledge to get to goal with Weight Watchers by Christmas.

    My blog is http://sarieah.net

  33. ah, i'd love to be a pledger now that i've got my blog up and running.

    I want to lose atleast 3 stone before a trip to scotland in october!

    lisa x

  34. I'd love to get involved!

    My pledge is to cut all the fast food and fried rubbish from my diet and move towards a healthier lifestyle dropping two dress sizes along the way!

    Bun Bun


  35. I pledge to stick to a healthy eating plan, exercise more and loose 3 stone by my 28th birthday in March.

    Going to add a badge to my weight loss blog, too :)

    Sah x


  36. Hey I'd like to pledge.

    Mine is a long term goal to look great for my sisters wedding next year I would like to drop at least 3 dress sizes and after a good start this year (lost 1.5 stone) I have come to a stand still so to freshen things up I just joined WW wish me luck.

    I have added your badge to my blog


    Sarah x

  37. I would love to pledge!:)

    My goal is to at least lose 15 pounds. I gained weight and I lost it and then I'm at a stall. Plus I want to be happy with myself.
    I added the badge to my blog.

  38. A little late in the day, but I'd love to pledge too please :)

    I pledge to loose 3 stone by my wedding day in August 2013. I've taken up running and vow to do it 3 times a week. I'm not going to follow any more fad diets but stick to a proper healthy eating plan and change my habits for good! xxx



    I pledge to ACTUALLY go to the gym when I say I will, to make the effort to cook nice yummy healthy food at uni and focus on the healthy bit, not the calorie count and finally get my arse into a pair of size 12 jeans. That I'll blog about my progress once a fortnight and be completely honest with myself about it every step of the way.

    I also pledge to be a size 10 by the time I bugger off back to New zealand next summer and stay that size

    I'm adding the button right now so that every time I see my homepage I see that I've pledged.