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Introducing... Charlene

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Hello! I'm Charlene. My goal is to tone up and get fit, as well as eat a healthier diet. This was originally my new years resolution but I work best when in a team and have someone or something (like this blog!) to help me stay motivated so I haven't been doing very well on my own. Hopefully with the help of the other girls taking part, and also everyone reading, I can make my 2nd attempt a success!

I've had a gym membership for almost a year now, although it has been gathering dust for a few months. I plan on dusting it off and going to the gym at least 3 days a week for a good cardio and weights work out. I do enjoy being at the gym once I'm there - it's just finding the motivation to get off my backside and go that I struggle with. After walking 6k with a friend last week I'm also considering taking up running as there's a bike track next to my house which would be perfect to do longer, or even shorter, runs on. It's just the weather that's putting me off at the moment!

I'm also the only vegetarian in the group, so whilst the other girls may post recipes or mention foods containing meat, I'm going to focus on the vegetarian side of things. I'm going to stop eating processed so many foods, cut down on cheese and eat a lot more fresh fruit and vegetables. There are so many exciting, healthy meals that can be made with vegetables and fresh ingredients.

For me it's not all about dropping dress sizes. I think dress sizes in shops are crazy anyway - a size 10 in one shop is completely different from a size 10 in another. Instead I just want to be toned, get rid of my bingo wings and my squishy tummy. I will probably keep you updated on any weightloss (or maybe inches lost seeing as I'll probably gain muscle weight) but it's more about how I look and feel than what I weigh that I'm focusing on.


  1. Ive been really inspired by this blog! I'm a blogger trying to tone up and lose some weight too, and its great that now there's somewhere really down to earth and friendly to come for tips and support when it gets difficult. It's so great to see a HEALTHY weightloss blog as opposed to all the 'thinspo' stuff floating round
    great stuff :)

  2. Good luck on everything!! Wish you all the best to achieve your goals!!

    jos xx

  3. Your outlook is great! You should definitely focus on how you look rather than how much you weigh - wish I could do the same!
    I'm a vegetarian too, so look forward to seeing any recipes you may post :)
    Good luck! xx

  4. I'm another blogger also embarking on a weightloss journey and I can't wait to start reading your progree - I am a veggoe too so I'm really interessted in the types of food you eat x

  5. this is such a brilliant idea! i'm a vegetarian too so it'll be great to read your recipes :) good luck! x

  6. Firstly, missy - BINGO WINGS? Are you kidding? Your arms are lovely!

    But that aside, best of luck toning up and getting healthy :') Can't wait to read your posts, since I'm vegetarian too and could really do with some new recipe ideas!

  7. Lucyboots - I'm glad you've been inspired by our blog! That's exactly what we set out to do, those 'thinspo' blogs are crazy and so far fetched at times! :) x

    Jos - Thank you so much :) x

    Trinket - Thank you! I think weight is just a number really and it's so easy to become obsessed with it. x

    Louise - Good luck on your own weightloss journey. I'll definitely be posting a lot about vegetarian diet so look out for that x

    Jasmin - Thank you lovely x

    Alex - I guess everyone has parts of their body that they don't like - arms is one of those for me. Thank you xx

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  9. I LOVE your dress a LOT :) It looks lovely on you.

    This is a great idea for a blog its very inspirational for others to join in and get fitter. Good luck with everything :)

  10. Can I pleaseeeeee have this dress? No seriously, it's beautiful and adorable and I want it so badly! Hehe. Best of luck on the diet!!! :)

  11. i do think you look very pretty in your pics, but i know how it feels when you decide that yuou're not happy with the way you look, nothing anyone else says matters..

  12. Good luck with your goals. Hopefully your posts about the gym will push me to go once my new one opens. I'm like you I enjoy it once I'm there but it's just finding the time or motivation to actually go. x

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