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Sunday Summary #2

Sunday, 27 March 2011

How has your week been guys?

Sarah - I've found this week much easier thank goodness. I haven't felt hungry all the time and I haven't had any major cravings. Well nothing that an options Turkish Delight hot chocolate couldn't cure anyway, they are my saving grace right now. I had a very hectic week at work which didn't leave much time for grazing and although I did bake a cake - it was a healthy cake and I only had one portion, go me! Next week will be a real test as I am staying in a hotel for a couple of nights. Must resist a fried breakfast. I am only measuring myself once a month so it's hard to tell how well I am doing but my clothes are starting to feel looser so I have my fingers crossed that I will have lost that inch!

Gemma - My week started off really well, I lost 2lbs at my weigh in on Tuesday which I was really pleased with. I started off with some big weight losses each week and it has now slowed down to about 2lbs a week, I'm hoping that if I lose my weight gradually I will have more of a chance of keeping it off. All of the support from this blog really spurred me on last week and I'm going to try some new recipes next week to keep my diet varied and interesting. I am about 2 months in to my diet plan now and I'm starting to eat the same things most days which is getting a little boring. I ate out with friends this week and I made good choices, I went to Pizza Express and chose items from the Leggera range and stuck with non alcoholic drinks so I hope my good choices show at the scales on Tueday.

Charlene - It's been a bit of an up and down week for me. I ran out of willpower a few times and did eat some ice cream, drank some cider and had some chips but on the plus side, I did exercise though and…. I've lost 2lbs! Although it's a small amount this is a big achievement for me - I don't think I've ever actually lost any weight before, I usually just gain weight. I bought a pair of running trainers yesterday (I felt so lost in a sports shop!) and plan on starting couch to 5k tomorrow.

Sarah V - I've been a bit ill this week with a cold/flu thing which really knocked me for six. It means I haven't done any exercise, and my plan to walk to work every day didn't happen (I still managed two days, though). I've still been careful to eat healthily though, and my weigh-in was Tuesday and I managed to lose another 1.5lbs, taking my total weightloss so far to 5.5lbs. I'm really hoping that I've lost the same this week, which would mean I'd done half a stone. But we'll see - family dinner tonight and it's always so difficult to resist desserts at those things! Next week I'm looking forward to having my strength back and plan to walk every day (my desperate need to save money will help that motivation) and try and do at least two real work-outs. Need to shake the dust off my fitness DVDs!

Lucy - This week has been up & down for me too, although I lost 2lbs last week meaning I'm currently the lightest I've been this year. I haven't been able to plan meals very well either because I've had three stupidly long (and totally unplanned) days at uni so I've ended up eating whatever I can get my hands on at any old time. I did start couch to 5k though on Tuesday and ran again last night, it's definitely getting easier and I'm saying that after my second run! I went out on Thursday night and I may have drank one too many orange VKs but I weighed myself the morning after (naughty) and found I'd actually lost weight... must have been all that dancing! Hopefully everything bad has been outweighed by the good but the scales tomorrow morning will reveal all.

Now we've updated you with our progress please fill us in with yours, we can't wait to hear how your week went!


  1. Well done ladies! I too have had one too many ciders and stayed in a hotel with breakfast included!


  2. Well Done everyone! I lost 3.5lbs this week, and you all really helped to inspire me, so thanks alot! My total loss so far is 12 lbs, but I think I'll probably either stay the same of gain this week because I start my new job tomorrow, and when I get stressed out I eat lol, I will try to be good! Have a great week everyone! x

  3. Well done girls!
    I lost 2lbs this week, I have been walking to work which is 25 mins three times a week. I think that helped. I also went jazzacise once last week. However I fell off the wagon completely on Saturday. I did an early shift at work which meant I ate my lunch at 10 am. Completely threw me! My eating patterned was all messed up and as we did not have any dinner before we left for norfolk I had a bag of haribo for the journey and completely stuffed myself at the buffet :( But I managed to redeam myself yesterday!
    I am however going out for dinner three times this week so kinda worried! I am going to try and stick to the healthy options because I dont want all my hard work to go to waste.
    I am off to a noodle bar tonight, any idea what the healthiest option will be? I ususally have red noodles if that makes any sense!
    Turned into a bit of an essay!

  4. Well done girlies! I lost 3lbs this week so I'm happy with that. I'm also trying to increase my exercise this week xx

  5. Well done girls! Keep it up! I've been trying to run but been suffering with a stitch so bad I have to stop running but when ever I start again it hurts more. Tried warming up more, running slower, changing my breathing. Brought some banana's to eat an hour befor I run hopefully this will work! xx

  6. Well done ladies, I think you're incredibly brave to bare all to the (blogging) world on your quest. I'm on a training programm that is fits and starts due to health issues, and you guys are very inspiring to keep with it.

  7. well done to all of you on your progress!
    i haven't weighed in yet this week, but will probably do it this evening..

  8. well done to all of you on your progress!
    i haven't weighed in yet this week, but will probably do it this evening..

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