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Introducing... Gemma

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hi I'm Gemma and my main goal is to be a size 16. I plan on doing this by following the Weight Watchers programme. I work 6 days a week for long hours so I find making time for exercise pretty difficult but I hope to squeeze it in. I have a nice long break on Saturday and I'm going to take a walk around the building, get off the bus a stop earlier and hopefully little steps like this will improve my general well being and fitness.

The Weight Watchers programme really worked for me in the past, I lost a fair amount of weight in college when I followed it and it helped me maintain my weigh whilst in University. I feel the main benefit of following a scheme like WW is the support you get from going to a class and I find that keeping a food diary helps me not to over indulge. I have already lost 11.5 lbs since joining WW and I hope I can keep up the weight loss. Sticking to a strict programme and attending weekly weigh ins works best for me. Being a little healthier or cutting out the junk isn't an option, I need to drastically change the bad habits of a life time and move from clinically obese to a healthy weight.

I was at my most confident when I worked in Topshop. I was a size 16 and could shop anywhere, I didn't always wear a dress with a long cardigan to cover everything up. I graduated in 2008 at the beginning of the financial crisis and I simply could not find a job, I was at home all the time being pretty inactive and eating junk. I put on about 3 stone in over a year and my confidence plummeted.

I have always been the bubbly and chubby one and this hasn't bothered me. What has really upset me is the lack of choice I have when shopping now that I'm size 18+, I find it depressing that I can only chose from a few ugly jumpers and tunics that appear in plus size ranges. ASOS Curve and the new H&M Inclusive range are fab but I would love to know that no shops are off limit for me because of my size.

I have a wedding to attend in the summer and I want to find a gorgeous size 16-18 dress for the occasion so let the slimming commence!


  1. 11.5lbs is amazing! I might have to sign up to WW lol. Good luck with everything xx

  2. You're such a sweet person!! Good luck with all these plans, really do hope that you achieve them!!

    jos xx

  3. wow you've lost so much already! shows you've got determination! good luck, i really hope it all goes well for you!xx

  4. Good luck sweetie, you will do fab! I am also on the same kind of plan hoping to shrink to a size 16. I can't wait to see how you get on and hopefully it will keep my motivation up to carry on with you



  5. Good Luck Gemma, it's my goal to get to a size 16 too!

    Well done on your fab weight loss this week xx

  6. Congrats on your loss so far, that's fab Gem! I'm sure being able to shop everywhere will be a huge motivation for you too. Good luck with it all!

  7. You’re doing so well. I’m a size 16/18 on the bottom but due to hulk like shoulders and big-ish boobs tops are a huge issue. If the material is anything but stretchy or over-sized I struggle and when I was at college (2stone heavier) I struggled finding clothes and my confidence went completely.
    Lost some weight after college with slimming world but when I left class and started uni my loss slowed and ive been the same weight since.
    started back at slimming world 3 weeks ago and I’m doing well so far :] -8.5 lbs


  8. great post! Good luck with your plan. Well done on your weightloss so far :)

  9. congrats on your weight loss so far.
    I think out of all the girls i'll look forward to your posts 'cause my story is so similar.

    Good luck :D

  10. good luck on your journey gemma, I'm excited to see your progress. ive never done weight watchers but i do slimming world at the minute and it's great. good luck =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. That's a fantastic achievement so far, well done. Good luck with your goals. Will be following along here with interest. x

  12. Thanks for all your words of support girls :) I reached a big target today which was losing 5% of my total body weight I hope to hit the 10% mark soon. If any of you want to ask me anything you can do it here or you can send me a private message on twitter I'm @GemFatFrocks. If you need words of support or ideas for a new recipe just let me know.
    Big love
    Gem xxx

  13. good luck with your challenges, Gem!! And thank you all for being part of this blog, which i think will give me the push i need! :)

  14. This is such a good blog! Keep going! It's so worth it, I dieted for 9 months last year and lost just over 1 and a half stones - I've still got my curves but I am so much more confident and it has changed my life!

    http://southmoltonststyle.blogspot.com xx

  15. i love the community of this! and you're doing so well already missy! xx

  16. I'm doing WW too! Well done on your 5% I need to lose 3 more lbs before I get mine! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress! xx

  17. So inspired by the weight you've already lost bb! After a tragic start & gaining, I lost 5lb on WW this week, finally back on track :)

  18. good luck with this! its so inspirational :))
    Rosie xo

  19. Thanks everyone :)
    Woohoo go StephanieDJL, keep up the good work xx

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