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A Cheats Sweet Treats

Monday, 21 March 2011

The hardest part of losing weight for me is giving up treats so this time I am not doing that I am just going to be clever with the treats I choose. I can’t satisfy my sweet craving with fruit, I still get a sugar rush that leaves me reaching for the chocolate which is not going to help one little bit. I would like to point out before you go any further that I eat like a child. I love sugary sweets and drinks and fast food. I would love to be a grown up and throw scorn upon my diet but it's just not the way I was made :)

A friend of mine introduced me to sugar free jelly and it has been a life saver. I can eat as much as it as I like and I don’t have to worry about spoiling all my hard work. For an extra special treat I buy a tub of Weightwatchers cream and pour it on, yummy!

I don’t normally eat much chocolate but for some reason always crave for when I am trying to lose weight. Oh and it doesn’t help when those pesky Malteser Bunnies are about as they are one chocolate I do love. I can’t just eat a square of two of chocolate and put the rest back, seriously who can do this?! I can hear it calling me from the fridge and before I know it I have eaten the whole family sized bar. What I have found that does help when I start getting chocolate cravings is a nice mug of low calorie hot chocolate. Even if I end up having two it’s a lot less calories than if I had helped myself to a bar of chocolate. The white chocolate one is amazing!

Another thing that works for me is eating sugar free sweets. Now don’t kid yourself that these are actually good for you or that they contain less calories than regular sweets, they don’t. But they allow me to feel naughty by eating a few of them and as they do not raise my blood sugar levels I am satisfied with just a couple rather than a whole jumbo size bag of Haribo or Jelly Tots. Normally I eat sweets until I feel sick, I know this is bad and I don’t know why I do it but I can guarantee I won’t stop until I reach that Jelly Tot induced sick feeling.

I adore fizzy drinks. I don't like the taste of water unless it's got a bit of fizz, this is appalling I realise. My favourite fizzy pop has to be Coke, full fat Coke at that. Diet Coke doesn't even taste similar in my opinion, I can't stand the stuff. Recently I have discovered Coke Zero and I have to say this is a pretty good dupe. So in a bid to stop drinking calories I have switched, it's under two calories per can and if it's straight out of the fridge I almost can't tell I'm not drinking the real thing.

Finally I love these little Weightwatchers cakes. They are low in calories but don’t taste like they are, you can pick the little bits of fake chocolate off them and let it melt in your mouth and all for 88 calories. Heaven. Only downside to these is they are not individually wrapped and I could easily eat the whole box in one sitting but I just get my boyfriend to put them on top of the cupboard out of my reach and I am just too lazy to get the steps out to get them down!

Over the coming weeks I am going to try out some low calorie recipes and share them with you. If you have a favourite recipe you would like me to try please let me know.


  1. I'll be trying out those jellies! x

  2. i really like the weight watchers carrot cakes!

  3. You may just have saved my life there. That with the jelly is interesting, I read something about a jelly diet a few weeks ago where you eat it as a snack, I'll have to try it out!
    And for the hot chocolate, thanks for that idea as I have been craving chocolate so much and I adore hot chocolate so this'll help too :) xxx

  4. sugar free jelly is yum and those WW brownies aren't bad either. when im craving chocolate i try to have something small like a 15p fudge or freddo frog. they're much smaller than a normal size bar but still satisfy

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  5. You have posted this just at the right time. I have properly started my diet today, I already think im dying from the lack of food haha! I tried on my graduation dress last night and its a little too tight round the hips :( I wanted to cry!
    Like you I have a childs diet, I adore cakes, sweets and crisps. When I did WW first time round I loved the carrot cake, it was lovely! Have you tried that one?
    Wish me luck in losing this stone! I am going to have a heart attack at jazzacise later tonight. Dreading it!

  6. we sound scarily alike with our eating habits, especially the bit about being like a child. hello, that's me! haha. definitely going to be trying out a few of your tricks :) x

  7. I'm the exact same as you, I seriously think I'm addicted to chocolate! However I have given it up for lent and have stuck to it :)
    I'd recommend the creamy toffee muller rice pots for a sweet treat, they're low in calories and fat and are hugely satisfying! xx

  8. MERINGUES! I shout it because it deserves to be shouted about. Honestly, they are a complete godsend. The nest type ones are only 50 cals each and the mini ones are about 15 each - M&S do ones with bits of choc in and Asda do scrummy strawberry ones. Chop some fruit up on top and bob's your uncle. Yummy pud that's also one of your 5 a day.

    I try and steer clear of too much artificial sweetener because I'm not convinced it's either particularly safe or good for my body in the long term. Plus too many sugar-free sweets is never good for the old digestive system!

  9. Hahaha me too I'm so bad with sweets and chocolate! I stuff myself every single time :( lol, and it's not even every so often, it's most days! Argh! Thanks for the tips though I will definitely try them out! xxx

  10. I love Options hot chocolate. I'm not really a big chocolate fan but I find it great for a sweet fix. The M&S sugar free sweets were my exam-time savior as I didn't feel guilty about eating a pack a day while studying.
    The fruity Tic Tacs are great too - only 2 cals each! x

  11. I reaalllyy have to agree about the Coke! People who say Diet Coke and regular Coke taste the same are just wrong :| I'll have to try Coke Zero though, cause I drink waaay too much regular, ahaha.

    Loved this post, thank you!

  12. I love the weight watchers carrot cake slices, although it's true you can eat the whole packet :P
    I totally understand what you said about diet coke tasting different, it does! Coke zero isn't bad though and it definitely saves on the calories :)
    Can't wait to see some low-calorie recipes x

  13. I am completely the opposite - although I do adore chocolate, I am a freak for savouries. Cheese, hot chips, nachos, crisps. Can't leave them alone. And how do ou cure a savoury tooth? :)

  14. I always reach for the hot choc when i'm on a diet, or a nescafe cappachino, they're low in calories and give me the fix i need.

    Curly wurlies and milky ways are also another way to get a chocolate fix for under 100 Kcals.


  15. WW have some really nice limited edition blueberry cakes at the moment mmm x

  16. Sugar free jellie is my absolute go to when I'm cutting out rubbish. I still want to feel like I'm having a treat. x

  17. I'm exactly the same with chocolate, I'll easily inhale a family sized chocolate bar until I'm feeling sick which is really bad considering they're around 1200 calories hahah!

    I'm going to try that hot chocolate though, sounds yummy :) x

  18. Being on a diet now for 3 weeks I can say the cravings die down after a while. I have literally cut out everything and have definitely found sugar free jelly to be a winner when I want a pudding. I don't feel guilty. I am like that with sweets and chocolate and well... everything that is bad for you but I am now in that mentality that I can't even have one, I feel to bad.

    I was looking at all the weight watchers stuff too, and I would end up eating the box or more than one in a sitting so it defeats the object really. Hope it is all going well. x

  19. I love your blog and what you guys are doing, sweets have always always always been my downfall! I'm going to have to try out some of these

  20. What a brilliant blog, and it's great what you guys are doing.

    I'm looking forward to reading more.

    One tip I learnt when it comes to sweets is Chewits, although it's so very easy to eat a full packet they only contain around 130 cals per packet. Also yesterday I tried blackberries on a fruity Ryvita, they went really well together and surprisingly filling. x

  21. Really like the idea of Jelly and Creme Fresh! I also think putting the jelly into a nice dish like you have makes a massive difference. Trick yourself into thinking it's something fancy!

  22. SKINNY COW Ice creams sticks. This is what you need. All under 100 calories, all less than 5% fat. Last time I was on a diet I joked that every week I ate one I had a good weight loss the following week. it just came true again.

    Re: Jelly. I bought some of those jelly pots recently and I really didn't like them, they had a real sweetener taste to them. Rowntrees (or maybe it is hartleys?) do sachets you make up yourself which are MUCH better. Available in lots of flavours too. I often put some fruit to set in with the jelly. Good stuff!

  23. Is it awful that this made me eat cookies? :(

  24. Sugar free jelly and options hot chocolate are my diet life savers!!

  25. Thanks for all the comments and suggestions girls, Im glad youve found this post helpful!

    @Alex - I have a great lemon meringue recipe that I am going to share with you all soon. Meringues are ace although I do love them more when they are dipped in chocolate and used to sandwich a big blob of cream...

    @LilyLipstick - Yep Tic Tacs are great although I am not so keen on the lime ones! I wish they did strawberry ones. I would defo buy them then!

    @Poptartlr I'm sure we will post some savoury snacks too which will hopefully help you. I too love cheese and will have a light mini babybell if I really want some. Have you tried making your nachos with sainsburys be good to yourself tortillas? Lower in calories so although not healthy a better alternative if you really want them. I love Velvet Crunch cassava snacks instead of crisps, only 83 calories and not as cardboard like as rice cakes.

    @KylieDee I love curly wurlies but wouldnt be able to eat just one :(

    @Susy oooh yes chewits! I havent had them in years.

    @Alison - skinny cow are a god send, I was saving those for when we got a bit of sun :) I cant be bothered to make up a batch of jelly and wait for it to set etc, much more convenient for me to buy the pots and have one when I feel like it.

    @Sarah that is bad, naughty girl! You can get lower calorie biscuit so I will forgive you if it was one of those!!

  26. Summer is coming and that means Ice Cream! An askeys cone is only about 20 cals. Stick a scoop of walls light vanilla iced dessert in it (Really creamy) or low cal ice cream and it feels really naughty but only about 40 cals.

  27. Oh and I also love what you're doing-fantastic!
    For lily lipstick-marks and sparks strawberry and cream sugar free sweets (In pic at top of blog) are wonderful and don't put a pound on. For that cheese and salt hit, it has to be a bag of quavers! :-)