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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

BRITA, makers of fab water filters, are launching a new campaign today at 4pm called Pour O’Clock. BRITA research has found that 4pm is the time of day most people feel a slump in energy need a boost. It can be tempting to reach for something sugary, but this can be a bad idea as it can cause a spike in blood sugar, followed by a crash. Low energy at this time can be a sign of dehydration so if you ‘Pour at Four’ it’s a great way to help perk you up and enable you to stay focused.

Dehydration happens when your body loses more fluid than you take in. When the normal water content of your body is reduced, it upsets the balance of minerals (salts and sugar) in your body, which affects the way that it functions.
Water makes up over two-thirds of the healthy human body and it lubricates the joints and eyes, aids digestion, flushes out waste and toxins and keeps skin healthy which means it's vital that you drink plenty of fluids.
Some of the early warning signs that you're dehydrated include:
  • feeling thirsty and lightheaded
  • having dark coloured, strong-smelling urine
  • passing urine less often than usual.

New research for a ‘Wellbeing at Work League’ released today by BRITA, has identified the unhealthiest and healthiest professions in the country. Two thirds of the workers quizzed admitting to feeling dehydrated at work and call centre workers top the poll of the unhealthies professions with builders and their love of a fry up coming  in second place and people who work in PRs in at third. They were followed by engineers in forth place and IT workers in fifth. A third of all call centre operators avoid exercise completely during the working week despite the fact that they spend eight hours a day sat at their desks. Does this sounds familiar to you?
BRITA hope that  Pour O’Clock will remind workers that reaching for a glass of water rather than the biscuit tin is the best way to stay productive. Staying hydrated is really important so I'm going to try and drink a glass of water every day this week at 4pm and see what difference it makes.

Pour O’Clock launches today and to help you join in with this BRITA are kindly offering one of their Fill&Go bottles to giveaway to one Where Are My Knees reader. These are perfect for keeping on your desk to remind you to drink plenty of water.

To enter just fill in the form below, good luck!

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