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New House Dilemma

Monday, 20 June 2011

I really need your help!

I'm moving house on Friday and I'm leaving behind a lovely home and moving in to a place that needs a lot of work and renovation. The house I'm moving in to doesn't have a kitchen at the moment and it will take a few weeks of ripping off plaster and making sure all the major structural work is done before we fit the kitchen.

I'm a little worried about all the take aways we will be having and going totally off my Weight Watchers plan so I would love to know what easy meals I can make with limited kitchen facilities and only a little time. There is only so much cereal and toast you can eat before you get totally bored!
I will have a microwave, toaster and kettle at my disposal but not much else.

Do you have any meal ideas for me?


  1. Salads! Try different toppings and dressings to change it up!

  2. Oats so simple! All you need is a microwave & skimmed milk.

    I was in the same position as your not long ago & I cooked up lots of chili con carne then just reheated it every day. Very weight watchers friendly (I had it without rice but with low fat yoghurt or ww creme fraiche).

    Also, think of all the activity points you'll earn by all the DIY!!

  3. Cous cous has got to be a winner for me - you just pour boiling water over it and leave it to stand for about 5 minutes until it's fluffy. You can experiment with herbs and spices too so you won't get as bored easily xx

  4. What about them microwave egg poachers? I think you can get them in places like poundland.

    You could have them on toast :)

  5. ooooh great ideas girls keep them coming!
    @Daisy- I think I have some oat so simple lurking in the back of my cupboard, going to dig it out.

    @Lollipop- I didn't even think of cous cous! Might be nice cold with a salad with lots of olives and tomato mmmm

    @Ariana- I'm going to try some nice new salad ideas, it will be summer here in Wales so lots of nice veg I can use.

  6. I found this recipe for Freezer Burritos the other day, so you could make a batch in your old house and stash them in your new one!


  7. Jacket potatoes! In my first year at uni all I had was a microwave and kettle and I lived off jacket potatoes. They're so filling, you can have any topping at all and they're not super high in calories either (unless you cover them in cheese...)
    Also you can buy packets of couscous for which all you'll need is a kettle, I like the Ainsley Harriott ones as they come in yummy flavours, and they're really nice either on their own or with an accompaniment :)

    Hope it goes well! xx

  8. It's really not as boring as you'd think. I have the raisen & cranberry one every day or sometimes the golden syrup one. They serve as a good dessert too!

  9. Oatsosimple is marvellous stuff but if you fancy a nice refreshing alternative, mix up a handful of oats, two or three tablespoons of natural yoghurt and a grated apple into a tub, then leave in the fridge overnight. Makes a gorgeous summery breakfast!

    In terms of main meals, that microwave rice is really handy. Maybe get some sauce mixtures and bulk them out with steamed veg and precooked meat? If you already have (or can borrow) a George Foreman grill or similar then you should be able to cook your meat as normal in that.

    Oooh, or pick up a cheapo slow cooker? I think ours was only about £15 from a supermarket and makes delish stews, casseroles etc.

  10. Scrambled eggs (love doing them in the microwave with a bit of milk and tiny bit of butter if you are naughty) on toast with some tomatoes?

    You could buy some pre-cooked chicken and then cook some veg in the microwave and maybe make a cheese sauce or something... which can also be made in the microwave.

    Beans on toast!! Are beans healthy?

    Perhaps you could make your own pizza using potato scones that you can toast (do you have potato scones in england?? You usually get them included in full cooked breakfasts so not the savoury ones! Not sure what else they would be called. I'm dumb, sorry!) and then add your toppings and give them a quick whizz in the microwave to melt your cheese.

    Hope this gives you one or two wee ideas. :)

  11. You should try toasta bags, I think you can pretty much use them to heat anything up in your toaster :) xxx

  12. Weight Watchers micro meals are on offer in Tesco - stock up!!! xx

  13. Thanks for all the suggestions girls! Beans on toast/soup/salad etc are going to be a must but loving the idea of microwave eggs and I'm going to the discount shop tomorrow to look for some jml things, they make good things for cooking in microwaves.
    I've got loads of inspiration now :)

  14. I'm having a $50 material attention giveaway if you'd like to check it out! x

  15. Microwave steamed veggie packets, and you can boil and egg in a kettle - just stick it in with the water;)

    I travel a lot, and usually for dinner in a hotel room I will have a nice salad, with boiled eggs sliced into it, and a small break roll.

  16. You could buy frozen fish fillets, they can be microwaved and have with microwaved vegetable steam bags or salad.
    This might sound unappetizing... but I microwave chopped vegetables (anything in the fridge, mushrooms, pepper, spring onion, etc.) add seasoning, microwave for about four minutes, then crack in an egg and microwave it for another minute or so (and stir every so often to make sure it cooks evenly). You can add light laughing cow, ham slices, etc. So it's like a microwave omelette. :D It's not as luxurious as buttery scrambled eggs but it's filling, healthy and tastes pretty good.
    Tinned tuna is good to have on hand and you only need a kettle to make couscous.
    Good luck!

  17. if im ever in a rush or need something quick and easy, i just have a weightwatchers or lightchoices by tescos meal (which has the ww points on the back) with some vege :)
    another thing i like to do, is for 3pp buy some lightchoices by tescos wraps (bigger than the ww ones but for the same pp) and put salads in with chicken or whatever you fancy :)

    good luck with moving, x