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Sunday Summary #40

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Hello! How are your new years resolutions going?

Sarah - 0.5lb gain this week which considering this included NYE celebrations I am okay with.  I went for an amazing 4 course meal followed by a party with even more nibbles topped off with lots of alcohol.  I have already broken two resolutions this year though :( I vowed not to eat at either KFC or Maccy D's til I got to target and guess what, I've managed to eat both in the first week... ooops!  I am really struggling to adjust back to plan, I am craving junk so bad - any tips you can share will be much appreciated.

Gemma - Not managed to attend a class this week but I have weighed at home and I think I have lost about 3lbs of the 7-8 I put on over the festive period. My new working hours mean that I need to change class again, I'm going to return to the one I used to attend before I moved house. I'm looking forward to seeing my old leader and dicussing my wieght loss plans for the year. Going to try and do the 30 Day Shred a little this week and walk the dog on my days off. I'm feeling positive and I will lose at least another 20lbs in 2012!!
I was interviewed for a feature in the Wales on Sunday this week about using the internet and social media to lose weight, you can read it here.

Sarah V - I've had a really bad week in several ways and, as I haven't gone back to my diet class yet, I haven't been focusing on the diet. I really ate terribly over Christmas and am now really cross with myself for being so bad! I think I put on 7-9lbs over Christmas and haven't lost any of it yet. But I'm back to Rosemary Conley on Tuesday and feeling cross with myself for making so many excuses - so as of this week I am resolving to be fully committed to the diet again and really see a lasting result this time!

Charlene - I've a terrible week, everything that could possibly go wrong has, and I've definitely used food as a way to comfort myself! Far too many cake and chocolates consumed and barely any exercise done. I'll be trying out the Jenny Craig diet for a month, starting from tomorrow, and will be sharing my experiences with you all so I'm hoping for a good loss to kick off 2012!


  1. Ooh good luck with Jenny Craig, I'll be interested to read about that one cause I'm always considering signing up to it and then wondering if I'd just end up binging on everything else that's in the house for the other people in my family ratehr than just sticking to my meals!

  2. That's a worry of mine too Roisin! My family is under strict instructions to hide all tempting foods from me and I'm just going to have to stay strong!! x

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