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Sunday Summary #41

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Hello! Lots of you will have had your first weigh in since the New Year, be sure to let us know how you got on...

Gemma - I went to my first official weigh in of the year on Tuesday and I lost about 6.5lbs (not 100% sure of Christmas weight because I weighed at home) This means I only need to lose another 1lb and I will be back to my pre Christmas weight. I am really happy with this and feel like I am back on track. I have made all my meals this week, not eaten any ready meals and made an extra effort to move more and walk everywhere. I'm thinking of signing up to do a charity walk or run so I have a goal to focus on a work towards.

Sarah - I still can't find my dieting mojo. I am really struggling with both motivation and cravings. Great intentions usually lead to filling my face with junk whilst all the healthy food slowly decomposes in the fridge :( I am battling to change this and haven't had any junk since my weigh in on Thursday, new week and all that! I am baffled how I managed to lose 2lbs this week after eating some form of junk every day and not following plan at all. BUT I will take that and run with it and hopefully can build on it this week. I have also decided to try living as a veggie for a few weeks to see if it helps my weight loss. I find green days easier to follow on Slimming World and it's usually when I try to follow red or extra easy that I buckle and reach for the KFC so I will be mainly eating pasta, cous cous, Slimming World chips and lots of veggies. Any tasty meal suggestions will be much appreciated.

Charlene - I wasn't at home to weigh myself this morning, so I'm not 100% sure how accurate the scales I used are but they weighed in at 4lbs lower than what I weighed last Sunday, the day before I started the Jenny Craig diet. I'll probably edit this post after weighing myself with my normal scales tomorrow morning as I'm a little sceptical whether it's right or not! If it is though, I'll be super happy! I was hoping for 1-2lbs loss!
EDIT - 1lb off! I knew it was too good to br true! But still, a loss! And it's my time of the month so I'm quite pleased!

Lucy - I had a bit of a breakdown this week, I've been very absent from the blog for a while and haven't had much input behind the scenes either. I've been more than in denial since my return from Australia, I've been eating like the world is going to end and not really caring which in turn makes me unhappy and then as a result of that I just eat myself into obvlivion. It's a vicious cycle but I've finally admitted to myself that something does have to change. An exciting email popped into our inbox earlier in the week and hopefully something to help me get started will be happening soon, I can't say too much but watch this space.

Sarah V - I'm back on it this week! Back to my Rosemary Conley class and I had a BIG gain over Christmas which I'm actually ashamed to admit here! But I spent the rest of the week trying to eat well and when I weighed myself on Saturday morning, I was down 4lbs! A wedding this weekend has thrown me off track rather but I'm determined to be back on track by Monday morning - I want a big loss recorded on Tuesday! 4lbs in 3 days though - quite proud of that!


  1. I lost 6 lbs. I'm doing weight watchers by myself and I'm pretty happy with a 6 lb loss. Congrats on all your losses!

  2. Hi there! I stumbled on your blog through Blog Lovin and am now a follower. I can identify with all of you, as I have always had issues with dieting, and have found being goal-orientated is the only way I can motivate myself.

    My cousin is getting married in May and both of us have decided to embark on the Tracy Anderson 30-Day Method. I will be chronicling it on my blog, if you are interested - there will be a lot of griping and moaning, but hopefully we wil see some impressive results.

    Good luck to all of you with your peronal weight loss goals:)


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