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Guest post - Jogging by Becca

Saturday, 28 January 2012

I’m Becca from Diary of a Diva and I have been allowed to commandeer the Where Are My Knee’s blog and do a little post on jogging and the benefits it brings to me.

I do have to admit, I am a fair-weather jogger, I go through cycles of being highly motivated to days where I just can not face the cold/wet/foggy weather. When I do go though, there are noticeable advantages. I often suffer from stomach cramps after eating, or I can feel a heavy meal sitting in my stomach for hours after. When I’m in a good jogging routine though these problems seem to disappear! I have my own idea on why, and as a disclaimer I have to tell you that it is based on no scientific knowledge and is just the result of me sitting around thinking about things. I reckon that because I jog in the morning, I get up earlier, I eat breakfast at a regular time and I earn the right to be hungry. This is opposed to me lying in bed until 10 (I’m currently unemployed), stuffing my face with bread and then sitting at the laptop all day. The most important point is that it sets me up in a good routine, for a while I just skipped breakfast and had a brunch. Having a wheetabix after jogging means that I feel ready to eat, I know that I am eating at a sensible time and that I will then eat lunch at a sensible time and not just snack throughout the day.

Being unemployed (woe is me) jogging also means I get up early, mainly through fear of being seen if I try running during the day or evening. When I get home I’m high on endorphins and I get excited for the day. I do half an hour of pilates from Margot Campbell’s ‘Pliates On The Go’ book (which I highly recommend, you really feel it working and it means I can do it whenever I want) and I am ready to face a day of job hunting. I have to admit, I am lucky enough to live within 5 minutes of the beach and it is far easier to drag myself out of bed with the promise of a sunrise and a bracing run along the sand! One problem I have, being a fair-weather jogger is that I always imagine myself running along the sand with ease, the wind in my hair and going at a good pace. The reality is quite different, I’m huffing and puffing away, red as a tomato and slipping on stones… Don’t get put off though! Especially if you experience stomach problems like me, or just want to feel better in yourself. Jogging gives me structure, means I can eat the cookies I love to bake and my skin has never looked better, as for my legs and bottom, I can feel the difference already!

Thank you for reading and I hope I've inspired some people!


  1. Thank you for this! I too struggle from stomach cramps and am a fair weather jogger, so needless to say am finding it quite difficult at the mo! I saw that book in WHsmiths the other day and very nearly got it! Wish I had now! I did a pilates class once and felt SO much benefit!

  2. I started running at the beginner of November and the very first run was a disater, I got lost; I lost my car keys and then it got dark but er, I survived and now, I'm addicted! There is no feeling like the one you get when you've done your run and are on your way home!!:)

  3. This was a great post - I wanted more :D Love the picture. I've only run on a beach once, when I was on holiday in Northumberland and it was just so beautiful. You're so lucky to only live 5 minutes away. Good luck on the job hunt as well, I know being unemployed can be really frustrating. xx

  4. I enjoy jogging in the morning but In January the temperatures are below 0 and the sun an blinding white snow can make it difficult to see without my randolph engineering aviator