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New Hotpants!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Following much hype on their facebook page Zaggora have launched several new products today.  I was hoping for something to sort out my arms but the new products are just as exciting!

The biggest thing I would change on the original hotpants is their length, I would prefer them to come below my knees and now they do!  They are now available in two more lengths and they have also launched a thinner pair especially for wearing under clothes, lets hope they make less of a swooshing noise too!  I am being sent a sample so expect another review once I have had chance to trial them.

Who else has tried hotpants? How did you find them? Click here to read my original review.


  1. i tried them but only managed to wear them for about two weeks haha. will have to give them another go. the full length leggings look great, i'd love to try them out but i do hope the swishing has been significantly reduced too! xx

  2. They look great I've been meaning to try them. xxx

  3. The length massively puts me off wearing my hotpants, for running I'll be putting them under leggings. It's a shame caus I really really want to wear them more! It the email about the new pants and love the look of them, high price tag though :(

  4. I tried them and after 2 weeks they fell apart at the seems whilst I was on the tredmin ant the gym. Very embarassing.
    I wrote to Zaggora several times, which they ignored. Then I posted on their facebook wall twice and they deleated them both times.Really shocking treatement from a company. I would warn anyone off them. A badly made product and a company who seem like a bunch of crooks!

  5. Really?! I am surprised to read this Christina :( Mine still look exactly as they did the day I bought them & I have worn them a fair bit.  I will pass your comments onto their PR team, can you email me your contact details so I can pass them on.  Sarah xx