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Sunday Summary #42

Monday, 23 January 2012

Lucy - I'm still not in a eating well frame of mind, I'm still not really thinking about what I'm eating, I think that's because I know in my mind I'm going to be starting a new diet next week so I'm kind of thinking it doesn't matter right now. I know that's not the right way to go about it, but I'm so, so determined to do well in this Maxitone diet that hopefully it won't matter. I know I won't see results straight away but I'm already excited for the days when I can start noticing them!

Gemma - I lost 1lb at weigh in on Tuesday, very happy with this as last weeks loss was pretty big. I think I may do even better this week as I have been sticking to the plan 100% I started taking acai berry supplements yesterday, I'm rather sceptical but will give them a chance. I've got a few days off this week so I'm going to try a few new recipes from the Weight Watcher cookbooks and try and get some exercise in, not really done any in the new year.

Sarah V - I've been really poorly for most of the week which meant I missed my second Rosemary Conley class of the year. Unfortunately I didn't lose my appetite at ALL - I actually ate worse than usual as I couldn't get out to the shops so just ate what I had around which often meant not the healthiest of things. But I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I'm still down 3 or 4lbs from my post-Christmas weight. I would have liked more considering I gained over half a stone in December, but I know I haven't been trying so just not gaining is a result. I'm back to my usual routine this week and starting a new diet regime so I'm hoping that I'll have some better results to show next week.

Sarah -  I was 100% on plan the whole of last week and I gained 2lb's :( It's so disheartening when this happens.  I am really, really struggling at the moment.  I am not really enjoying what I am eating and am missing all the stuff I can't have and when being good leads to a gain it makes you want to give it all up.  I am writing everything down this week so keep your fingers crossed for me.  I am going for an early weigh in on Thursday as it's my birthday and I think I deserve a nice meal and a little bit of cake :)

How was your week?


  1. I look forward to reading these updates every week, thank you ladies for helping to inspire me! Xxx

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