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Sunday Summary #43

Monday, 30 January 2012

Another week, hopefully another weightloss! How did you guys get on?

Gemma - Great news, I lost 2.5lbs this week. Very happy with this loss and I feel like 2012 has started really well for me. Had a night out last night which involved a lot of alcohol and I ate silly amounts of toast with butter and peanut butter when I got home but you only live once so I'm trying not to worry about it too much. Would be happy to maintain this week or lose 0.5lb Life gets in the way of a diet from time to time but what is the point of me going on a diet if I can't have a good night out and go a little wild sometimes?

Sarah V - Even though I didn't eat very well last week due to being ill and just wanting anything to keep my energy levels up, I managed to lose 3.5lbs which was a nice dent in my Christmas weight gain! I suppose coughing must burn calories. I've trying out the Jenny Craig diet for a month which I started this week, and already it's making me address some of the bad eating habits I've fallen into, so I'm hoping it'll give me a good kickstart and get me back into good habits which is something I've really struggled with this year.

Sarah - I went to WI on Thursday even though it was my birthday and found I had lost 1.5lbs. Better than nothing I guess! Since then though I have haven't been at all on plan and have had 4 meals out, beers and cocktails so am hoping I can pull it back during the week and get another lose on Thursday.

Charlene - I've just finished the third week of my diet and I've stuck to it again. I'm getting a little bored of the same meals now, and I'm glad glad to have only 1 week left. I've learned a lot from the Jenny Craig programme, but I'm missing home cooked food! I haven't stepped on the scales lately because I found I was getting a little obsessed with the numbers, but I'm going to weigh and re-measure myself when I finish the diet this week. A few people have commented on how much slimmer I look, and I feel slimmer myself!

Lucy - There's been a few delays with the Maxitone diet that I'm doing and so I haven't actually recieved any product, nor have I had my chat with the nutrionist yet but hopefully it'll all be go at some point this week. I was hoping to be able to have started it before I go to London tomorrow but I'm having the stuff delivered to me there so hopefully it goes ahead soon. It's the same old story for me this week though, I'm still not really thinking about what I'm eating. I think I've got into the frame of mind that I'll be dieting soon so it doesn't really matter - bad thought processes, I know!


  1. Well done, Ladies! I am two weeks into the TAM (we have decided to stop the diet because it was stupid silly and are doing our own healthy eating plan combined with Tracy Anderson Method workout.

    I lost 2lbs this week (I'm blaming my feminine time for the lack of a better result and an incident involving a jar of organic, unsweetened peanut butter and a tablespoon)!

  2. Well done everyone! My week was okay, but the scales still are not shifting! I'm doing an "Eat Clean for a week challenge" in the hope to kick start my weight loss again! Have written about it on my blog (dietingbeth.blogspot.com) if anyone if s interested :) xx

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