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A Day in the Life of Weight Watchers #3

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I always get asked the same questions- Is your diet boring? Do you miss chocolate? Are you always hungry? The answer to all of those is NO! I get to eat a very varied and filling diet by following the Weight Watchers plan and I still have the occasional bar of chocolate.

I have done a post about what I eat on an average day before which you can read here but the amount of points I now have per day has decreased as I have lost weight so I thought I would write another post to show you what I have been eating this summer.

2 x Weetabix - 4 points
Milk for cereal and tea - 2 points
Banana - 0 points

Tea break
Breakaway - 3 points
Nectarine - 0 points
Babybel light - 1 point
Options hot chocolate sachet - 1 point

Weight Watchers chicken noodle soup - 1 point
Bread roll- 4 points
Lights- 3 points
Weight Watchers fromage frais - 1 point
Plums- 0 points

Rocket and Broad Bean Linguine - 8 points
Low fat garlic and herb ciabatta - 6 points
Meringue, Weight Watchers cream and fruit - 3 points

Total 37/37

Are you following the Weight Watcher plan? What foods do you rely on and what do you have as a treat?

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  1. My favourites are curly wurly or milkway for 3pps, and skips and quavers for 2pps for crisps! But ive been having a lot of quorn lately, great way to save on points, and weightwatchers bagels are yummy too!

    Is your weightwatchers soup the tinned stuff or homemade? I have been living off the chicken, leak and potato for 3pps a tin, thinking of switching though to one with less points. Its one of things i love about winter, its totally better for soups, caseroles, that sort of thing

  2. This actually looks like quite filling for a day, i have been replacing my usual chocolate bars with the weight watchers cake bars and they are really nice, not been missing sweets at all! x

  3. i also love curly wurly. i really like to eat oatmeal with an apple or a banana and low-fat milk for breakfast. it keeps me full for a long time. :) i only have 33 points a day right now and it's slowly getting hard to handle with that :D

  4. 33 sounds tough! I wonder how the people on 29 do it!?

  5. I am not on WW but from what I hear the choices of food are pretty good and I have never heard of anyone going hungry or having to miss out on chocolate. Its all about finding the right balance - its the only way to do it!

  6. Hey Gem, yeah, my mom only has 29 points. I think it's then all about the fruits and veggies. It's not easy but it's worth it. Keep on going and good luck :)

  7. I actually really enjoy doing weightwatchers once I get into it, like the disipline. I actually had the chicken noodle soup for lunch today! I also really like the Tomato and Basil.

    I did weightwatchers a few years ago on the old points system and lost 3 stone. Actually put 2.5 of that back on again so am trying to start again. I am just using my iphone my fitness pal app and eating weightwatchers food at the minute as cant afford to start up wieghtwatchers again.

    Such a good plan though!


  8. wow thanks for sharing this girl!

    I'm also on weight watchers and it help seeing what others on the program are eating: I'm also a pledge and you can checkout my weight watcher weekly updates here:



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