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Sunday Summary #33

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hey guys it's been a very busy week here at Where Are My Knees?

Gemma- This week has been a total diet disaster! Non stop eating cakes, pizza and M&S sandwiches on the go. I couldn't go to weigh in on Friday because I was in London to see Britney but I weighed at home this morning and I think I have put about 2lbs on.(Could also be the 'time of the month') I have until Friday to get it all back off, I've not put anything on at a weigh in since I started my diet and I wont let this week be the first time it happens. I have a few mornings off so I need to hit the gym or set up my cross trainer in the garage. I will be happy with 0.5lb loss this week and then I want a steady loss of 1.5-2 per week leading up to Christmas.

Charlene - I'm too scared to step on the scales but I think I've put weight on over the past two weeks. :( Eating out at a restaurant or bar every night is taking it's toll and the only healthy option for a vegetarian is a caesar salad minus the chicken (basically not very exciting, or very filling) gets boring after 2 nights. I only managed to go to the gym once last week because of horrid shifts but here's hoping I can go every day this week! I'd be happy to just remain the same weight at this point in time rather than continue to gain!

Sarah V - I'm actually stunned, after a week away eating whatever I liked, I somehow lost 1lb! It's been a mad week and I've been a bit off colour so I haven't really been thinking of dieting much, so I'm a bit dubious about what the scales will say on Tuesday. But I'm determined to put the excuses aside now and start seeing some serious results on the scales before Christmas!

Sarah - I weighed in on Thursday and have gained 2lbs this week.  But after a week of hen nights and awards I am actually okay with this!  I am trying to be good again now but can't really lose too much more in the run up to my wedding as that will mean I need to squeeze in another dress fitting!  I am craving junk really badly at the moment too, someone take the ice cream away from me...

Lucy is still in Australia, lucky lady!

How has your week been?  Any tips to share with us all?


  1. Oh, the colder months are sending my food habits mental... comfort-eating so badly at the moment. Keep going, ladies! x

  2. Ohhh seems the cold dark days are taking effect...

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