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Sunday Summary #30

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Wow, number 30 already! The weeks are flying by.

Sarah - I have been REALLY naughty this week so was very surprised when I stepped on the scales at WI and had lost 1lb :)  I have also lost another 1/2" off my waist, thank you hotpants!  To give you an idea of how naughty I have been since my last WI I have eaten: 1 x zinger tower burger, 1 x pub burger & chips, 2 pints of lager, jacket potato with full fat cheese, sweet & sour chicken balls & egg fried rice, 2 x cream scones, 1/3 of a massive millionaires cheesecake (amazing btw!), 100g salted peanuts, a twix, 1/2 tub ice cream, malteaser bunny, a billionaires shortbread bar, a couple of cupcakes that I made and a packet of crisps.  I wouldn't like to work out the total calories but it's a lot more than my 10-15 syns a day. I was also meant to be doing Charlene's 30 day shred challenge but embarrassingly I haven't started it. I've been both too busy and too lazy! I have made a pact with myself to show restraint and exercise this week so wish me luck!

Gemma- I lost 0.5lb this week which is great news, I was a little worried because I went to a wedding on Wednesday and had a roast dinner and dessert with clotted cream and bacon rolls in the night eek. I am now at -47 and I want to work hard to get my -50lb certificate. I'm hoping to lose about 1.5 this week. I have organised a Cardiff bloggers meet up which is on Wednesday, there are going to be free drinks and food so I will have to save up all my weekly points for that and try not to go too mad. It's been a long and busy week in work so I'm going to treat myself to some chow mein, curry and mushrooms tonight. (about 10 ProPoints)

Sarah V - I lost 1lb this week. I'm trying not to get disheartened as my weight IS going down, and since I went back to Rosemary Conley properly at the start of September, it's gone down steadily, week by week. But it's been a month now and I haven't lost a whole half a stone - when I went back in March I lost nearly a stone in my first month! There's a lot more I could be doing to step it up though so I just have to keep trying and factor in some more exercise. Every week since I've been back there's been something - normally just a day where I haven't been able to control my diet very well, or a meal out or something, and I think those days are making a big difference, even though I'm being really good the rest of the time.

Charlene - It's been quite a good week. Haven't weighed myself (feeling rather scared of the numbers to be honest) but the 30 day shred must be working because I feel a lot more confident about my body and think I'm looking more toned too! My diet hasn't been too bad lately either. I'm really starting to notice that eating my meals at odd times causes me to snack more or just skip a meal alltogether and end up filling up on junk instead so I've been trying to be a bit more organised!

Lucy - Is on her holidays in Australia now, lucky lady!

Have you entered our competition to win a pair of hotpants yet? Tell us all how your week has been!


  1. Bloody Tough! Although I have remained on the wagon, I have been one miserable cow. I wrote a whole blog post about being a diet mizhog.

    Well done on your losses ladies x

  2. Well done to all of you :] X
    Sarah - I'm amazed that you ate all that and you lost i'm jel xxx

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  4. Well done all : ) and to Lucy - sehr jealous!
    My boyfriend's out tonight so tonight might be the night I shred my shred virgintiy - I'm frightened, I hear the lady is a tyrant


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