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Sunday Summary #31

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! How's your week been?

Sarah V - I'm cross. I gained 2lbs in my weekly weigh-in and I really shouldn't have. I went for a team lunch at Harvester the day of my Rosemary Conley class and even though I was really quite good (no chips!) it showed on the scales in the evening. The next morning I hopped on our digital scales and they showed a loss. CROSS. But it's actually reignited my motivation. I've had two lots of zumba this week, and even though I'm away next week visiting friends, I am plotting ways to keep myself on the diet straight and narrow. I've even found a zumba class close to where I'm staying! Madness. I'll let you know how I get on next week...

Charlene - ARGH! I've completely fallen off the wagon this week. It started well, but as I realised just how busy I was I let the 30 Day Shred slip (I feel so guilty that I've failed the challenge that I set us all!!)

Gemma- I lost 1.5lbs this week which I am rather pleased with. I had a bloggers meet up on Wednesday and had a muffin, krispy kreme and loads of lovely buffet food after the event so I was happy for a loss. I was good for the rest of the week so it proves you can still have fun on a diet. I want to lose another 1.5-2 this week as it is my last weigh in before the Cosmo Blog Awards and I would love to reach -50lbs before I go. My average weight loss per week has dropped from 1.4lbs to 1.3 lbs and I want to reverse this trend. I would like my average loss to be 1.7 a week so I need to step it up after my trip to London in a couple of weeks time.

Sarah - I went cold turkey from hotpants this week and I maintained.  I kept an eye on my measures this week too and I am happy to report that they are still the same so the effects of wearing hotpants isn't reversed the moment you stop wearing them.  Can't wait to get them back on and start losing again, keep your fingers crossed for me!  There is still time to enter our hotpants giveaway - what are you waiting for?!

Just a reminder that voting for the Cosmo Blog Awards ends tomorrow morning so you still have time to vote.
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  1. Well done gem i often find if i have one day off i let myself slip for a few days so you did great to be goodthe rest of the week and Sarah i'm so impressed with the hot pants! xx

  2. I have had a horrid cold this week and completely fell off the wagon. I feel so ashamed of myself but I am determined to get back on it tomorrow. I would like to lose 7lbs before I go to the Aussie party. Just to feel better within myself. Just feel so disgusting recently.
    I need to win those hotpants! They would make my life complete haha!
    Well done on the weight loss Gem and stay in there the rest of you :)

  3. Hi, love your fitness blog, I can comply with you, feeling guilty after eating an amazing meal, especially nandos :P, its just you lose it which is important, like exercise and healthy eating. It isn't bad to treat yourself once in a while.

    Voted for you :)

    Would love if you followed me :)

  4. Well done on the weight loss - and the gain? Meh thats a few pounds! You will get back there don't worry. Hang in there and if your clothes are getting looser, it doesn't matter what the scale says! x

  5. well done girls, i'm back to being healthy and have managed to lose 2lbs in the first week so hopefully ill keep it up