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Sunday Summary #32

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Another week gone by already? Wow! How has everyone done with their goals this week? We'd love to hear from you!

Charlene - It was my first week of working away this week and I tried my hardest to eat well but being a vegetarian meant there wasn't many options (other than veggie burger with fries in the bar or cheese laden pastas and pizzas in the restaurant) available. I found out that there's a gym, swimming pool and also various classes including zumba available for free though so I will definitely be taking advantage of that this week. One of my colleagues is a bit of an expert when it comes to exercise and targeting problem areas so I will be taking advantange of his knowledge too! It's about a 20 minute walk - each way - to work and back to the hotel each day too and we've been walking quite quickly so that, combined with the gym each morning, should keep off the weight and hopefully help me tone up a bit!

Gemma- I lost 2 lbs this week which means I have now lost 50lbs all together! So happy to finally reach this target before I go to the Cosmo Blog Awards next week. I'm not holding out much hope for a loss next week. I have a cdfblogs meet up after work on Monday, I'm in London for three days Wed-Friday and I will be with friends eating cakes and drinking cocktails. I'm going to the ballet and for a meal on Saturday and drinks and a Patrick Wolf gig on Sunday. I will also be in London on my weigh in day so I will miss class this week. Hopefully I will stay the same or only put a lb or two on. I want to lose about 10 lbs before Christmas so I will have to work hard after this week.

Sarah V - I've been away all week and the diet has completely gone out the window! I did quite a lot of walking, but I didn't manage to do any exercise classes as originally planned. I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I've gained 4lbs which is really not good... but it could have been much worse! I'm back on the wagon now though and determined to have a loss recorded by my next weigh-in. Maybe I can even make a dent in that 4lbs by my Rosemary Conley class on Tuesday!

Lucy - Is still on holiday in Australia, we're jealous!

Sarah - This weekend Sarah celebrated her Hen Night. Our guess is that she's feeling slightly too hungover to update us all today. ;)
Haha! I have just about recovered from the celebrations and seeings as I was incredibly sick last night I am hoping that I haven't done too much damage to my weight loss... every cloud and all that!  I had lost another 2.5lbs at weigh in this week and am under the next stone bracket in the mornings for the first time, great feeling!!  I stopped wearing my hotpants for a total of 10 days and can report back that none of the inch or weight loss came back and as soon as I started wearing them again the losses picked back up :) 

If you entered our hotpants competition keep your eyes peeled as we will be announcing the winner tomorrow evening!


  1. Well done on your 50lb loss Gemma your get your certificate soon! was a great feeling receiving it!

  2. Wow well done Gemma that's brilliant!x

  3. Gemma you are my idol! :] My weight loss is so slow but i will get there. All of you are insperation and i hope you win at the cosmo awards you sooo deserve it. And i'm very impressed with sarahs hen night drinking haha

  4. Thank you ladies! I will post a cheesy big grin photo of my and my certificate when I get it.

    Danielle, I'm losing 1.3 lbs a week on average which is nice and slow. You will get there!! Thank you, I really hope we win, I've never won anything. Such a loser... xx

  5. Well done ladies. Gemma, 50lbs.. you animal! I love it :) Congrats and keep up the good work xx

  6. Well done ladies!

    Gem, a brilliant weight loss. I think I'm at a total of about 45lbs lost now. So I know how you feel!


  7. yes gr8 job on the weight loss!!


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