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Sunday Summary #9

Sunday, 15 May 2011

We can't believe it's Sunday already, these weeks are coming round fast. How are you all getting on with your goals?

Sarah - Today marks one month of me following Slimming World and almost two weeks of the 30 day shred and I am so excited to share my inch loss with you all! Over the last 30 days I have lost 3" from under my chest, 2.5" from my waist, 3" from my hips, 2" off my left thigh and 1.5" from my right thigh. That is a whopping TWELVE INCHES in total in just one month. Pleased is an understatement. I have lost 3lbs this week which brings my total to 9lbs. I am sticking to SW 100% but am dubious that certain free foods can really be unlimited and am watching the calories at the same time so I don't go potato crazy and undo all my hard work.

Gemma - I only lost 1lb at my weigh in on Tuesday but I reached a big goal on my Weight Watchers Journey. I have now lost 10% of my total body weight and by losing 10% of your body weight, you can lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure which are two major risk factors for heart disease. Heart disease has meant that a lot of people in my family have passed away at a very young age, hopefully my diet will mean I live a healthier and longer life. I wore my first pair of trousers in about 4 years on Friday and I'm feeling so much more confident. I've had a Eurovision party, conference and night out this week so I hope I'm not disappointed at the scales on Tuesday.

Charlene - As you read from my previous post, I've been exercising daily for the past 12 days, doing the 30 Day Shred. The scales are saying I've put on 2lbs, but I'm feeling a lot more confident about my body and the 2lbs is probably mostly muscle weight so I'm not letting it bother me at all. I do look a lot more toned around the stomach area, it's just a pity I lost my measurements so don't have anything to actually go against to see how many inches I've lost. I'm feeling motivated to keep up the exercise and hopefully see more progress by this time next week!

Sarah V - I almost don't want to update, I'm really quite ashamed of how I've been doing this last few weeks. The bank holiday double bill threw me totally off track and I'm struggling to get my motivation back. I put on another 0.5lb this week - considering last weekend saw me at a hen do where we basically ate and drank constantly, that wasn't too bad, but as I'd gained 3lbs the week before, I'm a bit gutted. I only have a couple of weeks until I'm on holiday so I'm going to try and cut out all those little snacky bits and start exercising a LOT more.

Lucy - I know, I know. I said this week would be the start of something new, but alas, it wasn't. The week started out quite well and I had good intentions, I did Davina McCall's fitness DVD but I didn't really like it - I did it once but that was it. I didn't get on with it mostly because I have NO rhythm whatsoever, no word of a lie, and it's quite... dancy? I don't know. Anyway, then I went to London with my friend and ended up eating KFC and McDonald's plus we had breakfast on the train on the way back, naughty. Since then I've not really done much else, until yesterday when I started to feel guilty so I decided to take it upon myself and begun the dreaded 30 day shred. I did day 2 today and my legs aren't thanking me, I kind of hate it but love it whilst I'm doing it, hate it for an hour or so afterwards but now, about five/six hours after doing it, despite my legs still hurting, I'm sort of looking forward to doing it again tomorrow. Hopefully I'll stick at it, no pain no gain as Jillian keeps telling me!

That's it from us, please update us on how you are doing.


  1. You guys are doing so well!! Congratulations!!
    Sarah V and Lucy, I know exactly how you guys feel! Weight loss is so frustrating. And the thing is it takes so much time, so you are bound to have slip ups. I try to remind myself that it's OK to have a beer or a chocolate every once in a while because this is a life time thing. It kind of helps for me, cuz I can spiral downward so quickly if I feel frustrated or disappointed in myself..and then the one chocolate turns to 20 (no joke) UGH! It's so hard!!

  2. I've ordered the Shred DVD now based on your recommendations so I'm raring to get going now.

    Well done on your acheivements so far.


  3. I got my stone award at slimming world last week and i have another 5 lbs i think then i get my 10% award. Day 5 of the shred and i've got my mum and OH doing it too , he even went out today and bought me pretty pink weights! aww. :]

  4. now motivated to go dust off my copy of 30 day shred - really need to get my ass in gear!!

  5. Well done ladies! In the past week I've stepped up my exercise routine- I exercised four times, which I am so proud, as I've only been exercising twice a week for a while now, I needed to re-motivate and push myself. Unfortunately I only lost 1 pound, which I was slightly disappointed with, but I'm trying to keep positive. I have now lost 30 pounds, which I know is something super positive, I just need to keep going!

  6. i started today with the 30 days shred and i am SO exhausted. :D anyways, i will do it again tomorrow.. and again and again.. i'm pretty excited to see the first results.
    my weigh in was on friday and i lost 4,4 lbs last week. and 20 lbs since january.
    i really love your blog, it's so inspiring and motivating. keep on going <3

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