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Slimming World - Joe's Sausages

Monday, 23 May 2011

Since starting Slimming World I have practically become a vegetarian.  I am a carb addict so find it much easier to follow green days over red days and don't trust myself not to over indulge on extra easy so cutting out meat has been the easiest solution.  As summer is coming up and BBQ's suck without sausages and burgers I decided to give Joe's Sausages a go and see how I get on following red days.

Joe's sell sausages, marinated meats, grill sticks and burgers all of which are certified free foods on Slimming World red days:

I placed my order and chose my delivery day and then dreamed about sausages!  I ordered several packs of sausages, burgers and various flavoured chicken.  Joe's has a minimum order of 8 packs so you could always order with a friend or another Slimming World member at your local group.

I wanted some meat for a family BBQ but couldn't wait and planned a red day in anticipation of their arrival...I decided to treat myself to a mixed grill along with some gammon and steak and syn free pepper sauce, yum! 

The chicken was gorgeous, exactly as I had expected it to be.  The sausage looked like a normal sausage but had a firmer texture.  I guess that's from removing the fat and packing more lean meat into it.  My boyfriend also tried both and gave them the thumbs up too.  Can't wait to try the burgers at the BBQ now!

Oh and Joe's website says that each sausage is only 1 point on Weight Watchers so you guys can join in on the action too, I definitely recommend them.


  1. definitely want to give these ago =)

  2. ooh 1 ww point ey? I usually have veggie sausages because they are 1 point but I might try these if I have a bbq!

  3. That mixed grill looks amazing! x

  4. That chicken looks gorgeous!!

  5. I'm going to order my some with my slimming world group! I had a meeting today (-2lbs by the way!) Well there was scandal a loacl butchers had been selling syn free sausages for over a year and my group thought they where great anyway recently slimming world had retested them and since the innitial testing he had put cereals in to cut cost and the sausages where actually 6syns!!!!! How awful is that?!?!


  6. Ooh, interesting.
    It's not the same as a burger but you can cook some amazing fish on the barbeque. Salmon is great, and you can cook whole fish by wrapping them in wet newspaper, with whatever you want to eat with it, and shove them in the embers. When you peel off the paper, all the scales come off and you're left with a seriously tasty fish.
    I'm not sure where fish fits in with Slimming World, but fish is so good for you.

  7. Joe's sell at my group every week and I'm obsessed with the chilli and garic grills that they do. They have a slightly better texture than the sausages.