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Sunday Summary #11

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday weekend and allowing yourself a few treats ;)

Sarah - I've had a really busy/stressful week at work which has meant I haven't eaten as much as I should. I haven't eaten any junk though so I am really proud of myself. I made sure that I took packed lunches with me so I wasn't tempted by the fast food the rest of the project team were enjoying. I am currently on holiday in Wales and am determined to stay on plan this coming week. I am going to team this with lots of long walks and exercise as with the 16 hour days I've been working I just haven't had the time or energy to exercise. I have lost 1lb this week and my total weight loss stands at 11 lbs.

Gemma - I had a much better result at my weigh in this week, 3 lbs off which takes me to a grand total of 30.5 lbs loss. I really stuck to the plan last week but this week has been much more tricky. I went for a day out with friends and had cream tea and went to a house party last night and didn't measure my alcohol intake so I'm hoping to stay the same at my weigh in on Tuesday. I don't go out very often because I'm always in work so I don't mind slipping off the plan occasionally. It's just been one of those weeks, going to have a Sunday roast with all the trimmings to try and cure my hangover and start back on the plan in the morning.

Charlene - For reasons I don't want to go into on here, weightloss and exercise has been the last thing on my mind this week. I've been spending as much time as possible out with friends, which usually involves consuming too much food or alcohol. Not good. I'm feeling a bit more positive this week though so I'm hoping to get back into the 30 day shred and try and be a bit healthier with my food choices.

Sarah V - I felt SO positive when I started this week. I was really healthy all last week and felt really in the zone again, but I got weighed on Tuesday and had stayed the same. I could rationalise as to why - hello, monthly visitor - but it still made me feel a bit gutted and rather than making me determined to be good, my morale slipped a bit. I haven't been DREADFUL, but there's been a biscuit here, a bit of cake there... one of those weeks. I'm off to Italy on Wednesday so I am giving myself a diet break - when in the land of mozzarella and pesto, you kind of have to! But I am determined to get back to it when I return...

Lucy - A GOOD WEEK! YAY! I started interning on Monday (I know, I know, you're all bored of hearing about it) which means my alarm is set for 5:45am and I don't get home until 7pm at the earliest. I've been having at least 5 of my 5 a day and I'm taking salads and other healthy snacks for lunch (except Babybel - I accidentally ordered the full fat ones instead of the light ones, oops) and then for dinner I've been having quick and easy stuff that is also healthy. On top of this, I'm doing probably around an hours (sometimes more) walking per day - 20ish minutes there and back to the train station plus around 10 minutes to and between tube stops. Now, last week I weighed myself before embarking on my first week and I was surprised, I'd gained weight since I last weighed myself and I'm putting it down to all the sweet treats I'd made at home and the fact I'd spent the day before with my family eating a ridiculous amount in celebration of my cousin's birthday, BUT, I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 4lbs, so if I keep going in this direction... hopefully the results before my birthday will be goooood!

That's it from us, how has your week been?


  1. Well done ladies! My walking every day seems to have paid off too, I can notice weight off my stomach and hips. Dont worry Charlene, life gets in the way ocassionally, it's sometimes more important we tackle the other things first for the moment!Dont be too hard on yourself xxx

  2. Well done all!

    I haven't had a great few weeks to be honest. I had a bit of a break from dieting and exercising for a few weeks and now feel ridiculously fat and unhealthy. I have to admit, I have binged a bit! Aiming to get back on the healthy eating and exercise lifestyle from tomorrow. I need encouragement with this blog though! Keep up the posts :) xxxx

  3. Well done girls! I love reading your summaries on here, reminds me that I'm not the only one trying to be good and struggling with balancing healthy eating and the rest of life! Don't worry too much Charlene, like Sophie said life just gets in the way sometimes. Well done to everyone on their losses xxx

  4. You're all doing so well! I've been really good with taking salads for lunch every day to work, and exercising every night, but was actually a pound heavier than last week when I weighed myself on Saturday. I can put that down to my time of the month though, and hopefully will be down that pound and more next week.

  5. Eeep! That's amazing Gemma :D & as long as you enjoyed yourself on the night out!

    I hope you're enjoying the break Sarah, well done on the 11lbs!

    Charlene - I hope everything's okay lovely & here's to hoping this week is a better week.

    The dreaded mother nature! Sad to hear that you were disappointed Sarah V but I hope you enjoy your trip to Italy!

    Well done on the 4lbs Lucy! Getting up at 5:45 sounds like torture to me, so I'm impressed you've managed to be healthy on a ridiculous schedule.

  6. Thanks for the support girls, we all appreciate it!
    Balancing life and diets/exercise is tricy but do-able

  7. Well done all of you :)

    Gem- 30.5 pounds is amazing!

    My week went loads better, and I went to my first ever Zumba class.


  8. So glad to have found your site! Your all doing so well, I hope some of that rubs off on me.

  9. Sarah - well done on losing another pound, you're doing great. When I was doing SW I remember that the weeks I lost the most weight were when I'd used up some of my syns. I remember when we met you said you tried not to use them and I know it wont work for everyone but I lost more weight when I had some syns instead of none at all!!

    Gemma - many congrats, 3 off is great!! When I'm hungover all I want to do is eat so I feel your pain haha.

    Charlene - a new week and a new start, I hope you get your motivation back to get back on plan, the 30 day shred sounds like hard work but you'll feel great once you've done it.

    Sarah V - we all have slip ups and the thing is to get back on it with a positive attitude, you can do it girl!

    Lucy - wow, I'm not jealous of your early morning although I am dreading getting up at 6.30 myself for my new job. im so worried about when Im going to have the time to go running. massive congrats on 4 off, thats fantastic so keep up the good work

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  10. Well done everyone! At last weeks weigh in I gained half a pound Not quite sue how it happened as I thought I'd been pretty good I have to say that since then this week I have been like an angel food wise. I've dropped my calorie goal cos I haven't been seeing any results, and it was hard the first few days, but I think I'm getting used to it now. Fingers crossed for weigh in!

  11. Well done everyone! I haven't commented on one of your weekly round-ups for ages *slaps wrist*

    I have a fantastic running update - on Saturday I ran 13.1 miles (a half-marathon) and smashed my previous best time. I'd been aiming for 2:15 but I actually ran it in 2:08! I am beyond chuffed!

    Unfortunately food-wise it's been indulgence after indulgence, as I had my sister staying for the weekend and we ate and drank a LOT. I'm not looking forward to weighing myself tomorrow - I've put on a few pounds in recent weeks and I really don't want that trend to continue. I'm going to concentrate on eating well from now on, and get out of the old bad habits I've found myself slipping back into!

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