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Sunday Summary #10

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Another week down, they are really flying now!!

Sarah - I've been really good all week and mixed in a few red days but I am really struggling.  I have only lost 1lb this week and it's really disheartening when you know you have stuck to the plan :(  I heard about the benefits of scanbran on twitter so decided to try that and have eaten two packs this week and still only 1lb :(  Helen has been a little gem and helped me no end this week.  She thinks that I am not eating enough but I am seriously struggling to eat more healthy calories.  I feel like I am eating none stop as it is. Anyone got any advice for me? I know I need to up my exercise but I haven't even been able to fit in the shred this week with how hectic work is, next week is going to be even worse but I have a week off after that so plan to do a few hours each day to make up for it!

Gemma - I was very disappointed when I stayed the same weight this week at weigh in but this is the first time it's happened since I started the Weight Watcher plan in February. I had a weekend of not counting my points properly so this led to me being annoyed with myself but I've been extra good all week and I did a sneaky mid week weigh in and I think I will be pleased at the scales this week. I had a day off on Wednesday and made a few recipes that other people have posted on here and Charlene's Crispy Greek Pie was amazing. Trying a few new things kept me interested and stops the Weight Watchers plan from becoming dull. I can now fit in to some of my old dresses and I can definitely see a difference in the way I look and feel.

Charlene - I didn't gain any weight this week, which is quite good considering I ate out a few times and also indulged in a Dominos pizza on Tuesday. I pulled a muscle in my leg doing the Shred so haven't been exercising this week but I think it's okay now so hopefully I'll be back on the wagon as from tomorrow and will be back on track to losing a few lbs and toning up!

Lucy - Average week for me - I've spent it at home which means I always over indulge in baking and this week was no exception, I made cupcakes, millionaires shortbread, lemon cake and flapjack. But to counteract that I've been doing the 30 day shred and have only missed one day because my legs were in absolute agony. I'm not sure how I'll get on with doing it for the next few weeks though, I'll have to see how tired I am after I get in from work. I've also got lots of healthy meals planned for lunches and dinners, I got a mega healthy Tesco shop and I'm looking forward to actually not turning to food to cure boredom!!

Sarah V - FINALLY I feel like I'm back on track. I lost 1.5lbs which gave my motivation a real boost, and I haven't wavered TOO far from the path all week. I am currently aching all over after a 'bootcamp' I went to yesterday, organised by Aussie haircare. But it's a good ache! Next week, I am hoping to do more of the same!

That's all from us this week, how have you been getting on?


  1. Well done girls , Stick to it. So jealous of all the baking going on but if i made things like than i would eat it and i feel as though i only have to look at a chocolate for the weight to jump on!
    I'm On day 11 of shred i miss one day becasue i was out of the house 5am till 10 pm.

  2. Keep going girls it will be worth it the end. Just remember how far you have come and your get there.

    Gem - I find that even simple exercise such as walking can help I'm getting my pedometer out to make me more aware of my movement. Tracking is essential and I know how easy it is to go out and not track so don't beat yourself up over it


  3. Sounds like a quiet week, keep going all. For me this week has been good, managed to make my pledge on the blog last week and stuck to it and it's payed off, 3lbs off and I'm back at the gym again, 4 classes booked for next week so hopefully a bit more success next week! I need to catch up on baking as well, not done much in ages! Xx

  4. Well done girlies!
    I did lose 2 pounds but somehow put a pound back on? I am so annoyed because ive been very good and did about 3.5 hours of exercise which is amazing for me haha. I usually avoid it like the plague! Hopefully this week will be a bit better.

  5. i love these posts! all of you girls are doing so fantastically! i wish i had half of the will power that you guys have!
    lucy - all that baking - you sound like my kinda girl! i'm my own worst enemy when it comes to baking! in fact, i've got a batch of flapjacks in the oven as i type!
    you girls are all absolutely beautiful as you are so don't stress too much :) x

  6. I've been following since the start, but this week I'm determined to join the good work. My goal is to get back to my "fighting weight" of ten stone, which means I have half a stone to lose. I'd like to do that by the time I break for summer, in six weeks. I'm hoping I can do it by cutting out all the junk, making healthier choices, and upping my exercise. I'm not quite brave enough for the 30 Day Shred yet though!

  7. Well done ladies! I only managed half a pound this week which I was a bit annoyed with as I thought I'd been good and I went running twice!

  8. Sarah, I dont know what your progress has been like so far but any loss is a good loss. You don't want to be losing weight at any more than 1-2lb a week, it's not healthy. So 1lb is a fab result, really it is.

  9. Oh Sarah you've been doing amazing! And a loss is still a loss no matter how little it is. Maybe your weightloss is just slowing down as your body is getting more used to the diet? Don't be disheartened please!

    And Gemma same to you too! Don't let your disappointment get to you - let it motivate you.

    Well done girlies, love seeing your weekly roundups, you're all doing amazing and have a lot more willpower than me!