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Sunday Summary #8

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! How has your week been? I can't believe we are on Sunday Summary number eight already, doesn't time fly when you're having fun!

Sarah - I weighed in two days early last week due to my trip to Paris. I was there for four days and was as good as possible, no pastries, no crepes or starters/puddings but I still found I had put 4lbs back on when I returned home :( how is that even possible?! I did have a macaroon or two and a fair bit of alcohol followed by a hangover cure Maccy D's but even so! I didn't drink as much non alcoholic liquids as I should have and didn't touch any fruit at all so this may have contributed. I also ate bread, I haven't eaten any bread since starting Slimming World and I hate the way it makes me feel so it's now off the menu for good. I'm not getting hung up on my little blip as I guess your little sister only has one hen weekend!! I am pleased to say that in the 6 days that I have been back I have managed to lose the 4lbs and and pretty pleased with that. I have now lost 6lbs since starting Slimming World and am on day 7 of the 30 day shred. I can't wait to see what results I get next week when I will weigh in and measure inches lost.

Gemma - I lost another 2lbs this week which I was very happy about because I wasn't that strict the week before. I hope it doesn't catch up with me this week though! I'm going to try and get a lot of exercise in tomorrow to make sure I lose at least 1.5lbs this week because that will mean I have lost 2 stone and hit my 10% goal. I'm really looking forward to having the summer off from work so I have more time to exercise. I'm moving house soon and I will be living opposite the town hall that has zumba and yoga classes so I'm going to attend those and I hope to see a boost in my weight loss.

Charlene - I haven't lost any weight this week, but I've been doing the 30 Day Shred (haven't missed a day yet!) and I'm feeling GREAT. This time last week I couldn't even do a modified push up, and now I can do not just one, but around 10, proper push ups. Which is amazing considering I have no upper body strength at all. It's surprising how much fitter I'm feeling. For me it's not all about the amount of weight lost anyway (I just want to feel fitter and look more toned although I think I did get a bit sucked into caring about the number on the scales in the past few weeks) so I'm hoping that keeping this DVD up will tone my body and help me achieve my goals. So far so good - bring on level 2!

Sarah V - After such a good start, I'm suddenly sliding backwards. I had a good run without much temptation, and suddenly lots of food-related social events have come at once. The bank holiday double bill was TERRIBLE for my diet - weddings, baby showers, parties - and I gained 3lbs. I've just come back from a hen weekend, so I'm not feeling too confident about this week. I've GOT to get back on track though. I have a wedding the first weekend of June and a gorgeous dress that I'd LOVE to get back into. This week, I'm going to walk to work every day, do my Zumba class and try and get the Wii Fit out (for the first time!). I'm also aiming to get through next Saturday's party without being too bad. I want to get to my stone!

Lucy - Even more drama my end this week, it's not been the best week I've ever had in my life (not diet wise, more just generally) but I think everything is sorted now and I plan to get back on this as of tomorrow, I weighed myself this morning for the first time in about 3 weeks and I've put on 1lb, which isn't too bad considering I've not been watching what I've been eating at all. Hopefully I've got no more excuses and now the scales will decrease from this day forward! Fingers crossed...

That's it from us, over to you - how have you guys got on this week?


  1. i only lost 1lb this week, but its all positive :)
    keep up the hard work guys! :D
    Rosie xo

  2. Well done girls! I gave myself a break from the shred cause of working the weekend. Back on it in the morning for a full week, I'm really enjoying it. xxx

  3. I managed to lose two pounds last week, and this is the lightest I've been all year (still far from where I was three years ago and where I need to be, though) I'm excited to keep going. You guys are doing so well. It's not easy to chart your progress online. I tried to but it seems like I work better without the added stress so kudos to you guys!
    And I'm finally learning how to stop eating when I'm full. Yay!! :D

  4. I maintained this week. Those bank holidays really did get in the way! I didn't thin I'd done that badly, but I did only track for half of the week. I've been on top of my game this week, hoping for a great result! :)

  5. well done everyone, you may have gained or stayed at the same weight but i think you are ALL extremly inspiring!
    im going to be starting a diet - slim fast!!! - tomorrow so i'll be dropping onto your site frequently, and joining on everything - mainly to keep myself motivated!

    good luck girls for the coming week!



  6. Well done to everyone :) Keep up the hard work and thank you so much for all the informative, helpful posts this week!

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