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Setting your goals

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

I follow the Weight Watchers plan but you can adapt this to whatever your goals are or whatever plan you follow.

Setting goals is important to any weight loss or health plan, goals help to keep you motivated. That can mean setting specific weight goals or goals like running a certain distance in a certain time, inch loss or fitting in to smaller clothes etc

5% goal and 7lbs
The Weight Watcher plan that I follow encourages you to reach small goals so you are not overwhelmed by the bigger goals. You get a little sticker to put on your weight record card each time you lose another 7lbs and when you see lots in a row you feel great.

Your 10% Target
Losing 10% of your weight not only makes you feel more confident but it can give substantial health benefits, such as reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and reducing your risk of diabetes.

It’s great to have short term goals, as well as a long term goal, so you can enjoy smaller triumphs earlier and feel less daunted.  You can always change your goal as you go along.
These can be anything from completing a 10km charity walk or losing an inch from your measurements. You can track measurements, or set other goals that are meaningful to you.

Lose Weight Safely!
The Weight Watchers plan is designed for a safe rate of weight loss- up to 2lb per week (after the first 3 weeks). Although it’s normal to lose over 2lb in 1 week, if you lose more than an average of 2lb per week over a 4 week period, this could pose health risks so be safe!

My goals are to fit into a size 18/20 dress for a friends hen night at the end of June, then to have lost another 14lbs by my birthday in August and I will set small goals like that until I reach my goal weight.

What are your goals and have you set yourself small challenges?


  1. I started my healthy eating plan last weds and weighed myself today and found id loset 2 pounds :)
    I have set myself a target of a stone to lose by July. I think it is doable. I will start going Jazzacise 3 times a week, starting from next week. Only been able to go twice this week. Just recieved the 30 day shred through the post today so I will be doing that.
    Hopefully come July I will be a stone lighter!

  2. great advice!
    ive been on slim fast for 1 week and i have been running for about 30 mins 3 times a week, and ive managed to loose 4lbs so far! but that was in my first week, so im aiming to loose a 1lb per week from now on :)


  3. I think goals are definately key! I try and make a monthly goal at the start of each money, and I tend to take my weight loss half a stone at a time! I've had my 10% award, feels great :)

  4. This quote is so true!