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Sunday Summary #5

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Five weeks in! How's your week been?

Sarah V - Really GOOD, actually. I had my weigh-in on Tuesday and have lost another 2lbs. I can't believe how quickly it's coming off! It's a testament to how badly I must have been eating before I started dieting - since March 1st I have lost 11lbs! Only 3lbs left and I'll have done a stone! However, I'm not convinced I'll get there this week. Gave into temptation a few times this weekend and had takeaway pizza and thai food... and a far few drinks last night! I'm out and about this week, plus I'm not sure I'll make it to my Fat Club either - two things that always make it harder to stay good, so my goal this week is just to TRY. If I maintain this weight, I'll be happy.

Sarah - I had a few days of only being able to eat mush but my mouth is healing fast and I can chew again! I've decided to give Slimming World a go and have been getting lots of advice from Helen, thank you lovely! I have been doing it since Wednesday and I have to say my main concern at the moment is how I am going to eat so much food!! I have felt like I haven't stopped eating since I started it but it's all really healthy food and I can already feel my tummy shrinking. I am going to do a mixture of Green and Extra Easy days so if you have any scrummy recipes please send them my way.

Gemma - It's been a great week for me, I lost another 1 lb this week but I had a sneaky little weigh today before my official weigh in on Tuesday and it's looking good. I've been very organised and taken lots of nice things in to work with me this week so I avoided all the fair trade goodies we have in the staff room, I'm about 11-12 weeks in to my diet and it's going very well.
I'm moving to a new house soon and I've found out that there are keep fit, yoga and zumba classes held in the hall opposite my house, so I won't have any excuses not to go and do some exercise! I've also found a few dresses that I would like to wear to a wedding in the summer, I might buy one in a size smaller than I am now and aim for it to fit by the time of the wedding.

Charlene - I haven't lost any more weight since last week, but I haven't gained either. I feel like I'm getting back on track and haven't been slacking much. I turned down free pizza and only ate 1 cupcake out of a batch of 16 that I baked. I really need to up my exercising too, I plan to go to the gym 3 times this week, and hopefully get some running in too if the rain continues to stay away.

Lucy - I'm seriously letting the team down here, I've had ANOTHER bad week. Well, when I say bad it's not like I'm eating loads, I'm just not eating good stuff. I'm still slaving away day in, day out at my dissertation (deadline is two weeks on Wednesday!) so I'm just kind of eating as and when I get hungry and just having stuff that's quick to make. I've only lost a total of 4lbs since we started this blog, which I'm aware is rubbish compared to everybody else, but I guess a positive out of a negative is that I'm hovering around the weight I'm at and I'm not putting anything on. I'm hoping that once May 4th is over and out of the way then I'll be able to concentrate fully, plus when I'm interning that'll give me some stability too in terms of what I eat because I'll have a ROUTINE. Lack of routine is not the one!

Tell us how YOU are all doing xx


  1. Good job girls, you are doing so amazing well. Lucy don't be hard on yourself you are still doing well, good luck with finishing up uni.
    I've been a bit rubbish lately so from tomorrow the focus is back on. X

  2. Good job girls, you can do it Luce. Keep up the good work!! xxxx

  3. Well done ladies, keep it up! It's a difficult time with deadlines and all, don't get disheartened Lucy!

    Ive had one of those "putting on a dress and it fitting better than it used to" moments. I put on one of my staple summer dresses from 2010 today, and it really gave me a boost to look at myself and feel that I looked slimmer than last year. This isalso quite remarkable because I am actually exercising LESS right now than I was last summer. I have a feeling that changing my contraceptive pill should take most of the credit here! BUT! Im making sure to try cycling places rather than driving more often, a 20 min cycle a day really does add up!


  4. I am so glad I found this blog! I have put on a bit recently and reading all your posts has made me determined to get started shifting them! So I will definitely be reading all the posts with interest:)

  5. Well done everyone!

    I equalled my 9.5-mile PB on Saturday morning, which was good...unfortunately I then spent most of the weekend eating cake, but never mind!

  6. Good job ladies!
    I lost 1.5 pounds this week, and I managed to excersise twice, not quite at my goal of 3 times, but nearly. For the coming week I am shifting my attention away from Slimming World, as I have stopped seeing any results (only lost a pound a month for the past five months!). I'm giving calorie counting a go, and so far I'm liking it! Must exercise more this week!

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