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A day in the life of... Slimming World

Monday, 18 April 2011

I started Slimming World last week and am slowly getting to grips with it.  I haven't joined as I already had already bought the 2010 books from eBay last year and I really cannot face going to the cheesy classes.  I know they are great support and motivation for some people but they are just not for me.  I am toying with joining online and am going to see how I get on this week before deciding.  You can find an overview of the Slimming World plan here.  I thought I would share with you all the kind of food I eat on a daily basis.  I mostly follow 'green' days with the occasional extra easy thrown in.  I am too much of a carb junkie to opt for red days!


I have gotten over my fear of breakfast and more importantly fruit for breakfast.  Fruit normally gives me stomach ache if I eat it on an empty tummy but I have found that by adding a few spoonfuls of Total Greek yoghurt I avoid the stomach ache.  Both the fruit and the yoghurt are free foods.


I split two of my healthy extras up and treat them as snacks.  Three mini babybel lights equal one healthy extra A.  I usually have a couple with my breakfast and the third as a mid morning snack.  Two alpen light bars equal one healthy extra B again I usually have one as a mid morning snack and then save the other as an afternoon treat.  The alpen bars have been a life saver so far as they really are a little treat.  I slipped one in my bag when I was out with friends on Saturday and had it with a cup of green tea whilst everyone else had a cake and coffee and didn't feel deprived.

I take a big box of mixed fruits to work each day to snack on.  I seriously feel like I do not stop eating.  I try and mix up the fruit that I eat and add tinned fruit too.  How good are tinned pears!

EDIT: Tinned fruit is not free, 100g of tinned pears in juice is 2 syns.


Yum, yum, yum! I love jacket potatoes.  I normally have them plain with heaps of butter and salt and they are so good.  I don't want to waste syns on butter though so have them without and go for good old baked beans instead, I don't normally end up with quite this many beans though!  Both the potato and the beans are free foods.


Slimming World chips are amazing.  Seriously good.  I cannot thank Helen enough for sharing these with me!! They are free on a green day along with the salad.  85g of ham is my final healthy extra b and after all this I am fit to pop.  

I am trying to get by without using any syns each day but if I do fancy a malteser bunny they are 8 syns and I can have up to 15 syns in a day so I can have one and not feel guilty.  Isn't this a total turn around from how I usually eat?! I am really enjoying the food and as we are coming up to summer I am hoping I can actually stop eating like a child and want to eat lots of scrummy fresh food with copious amounts of Slimming World chips!


  1. This looks like really nice food and it doesn't look like tiny portions either! I always eat less when it's warm as I just don't fancy lots of heavy food so summer is good for that :)

    Maria xxx

  2. I follow the Slimming World plan and I can honestly say I love it! I have lost 8lbs in 6 weeks and I feel so much better for it :) I had lost 1 stone last year and have managed to keep that off as well!

    Slimming World chips are my favourite along with Quorn Chicken Burgers (2.5 syns each) or the Quorn Chicken Nuggets (0.5 syn each)

    Good luck with following the plan :)


  3. everything looks so good! I especially like the potato with baked beans, I'll need to make this for dinner soon! Good luck continuing this plan, it looks like you're doing great :)

  4. Good luck with it, it looks scrummy. I know what you mean about the meetings, my leader when I went was nice enough but I just didn't like the style of the meetings so found it easier to find a reason to work instead of go to a meeting!

  5. Glad it's working out for you love! Although tinned pears aren't free. No tinned fruit is. Only fresh or frozen x

  6. All that food looks lovely! It's shows that losing weigh can be okay! xxx

  7. your fruit boxes look absolutely lovely. I so need to start buying more fruit as i always just end up with bananas and apples

  8. Wow, this looks like an amazing diet plan! I always feel like I'd be constantly hungry if I went on a diet, but clearly that isnt the case :)
    The fruit looks amazing!

  9. oooh must try those chips! I have never tried slimming world, might actually look into it.

  10. I'm a big fan of slimming world too. I love the chips but I've been really bad recently. I'm going to class tomorrow and will get back on track

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. Ok, i'mma have to try me some slimming world chips- they look delicious! And all the fruit you're eating is making me realise how little i have - time to get my apple on! x

  12. Try mixing a white chocolate options and some vanilla extract into the total 0%. So scrummy

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