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Keeping a food diary

Friday, 15 April 2011

Keeping a food and activity diary is a great way to help you lose weight and to highlight any problems. It’s a really important part of the Weight Watchers plan and I do it every day, once you get into the habit it’s pretty easy. They can give you a basis from which to plan changes and set goals.

A food and activity diary will also encourage you to make conscious choices about what you eat and do - writing things down can make you think twice before eating. This is one of the most useful things you can do to help you gain control your weight. Eating a couple of biscuits might seem like a good plan at the time but you might regret it when you don’t have enough points, syns or calories left to go for a glass of wine after work. I find that my tracker helps me to plan my week, I pencil in any nights out I might have that week and plan my eating and activities around that.
To keep a successful diary you will need to:

Write down everything you eat and drink over the day.

I found this fab form that you can print off or put similar headings into a small notebook to carry with you. It's hard to remember what you've eaten at the end of the day, so try to record things as you go.
I also note if a meal was satisfying and how I felt after eating sometimes. This can help you keep binge eating under control and understand your bad eating habits.

It’s also important that you keep note of any exercise you do because if you are exercising a lot you will need to take in more calories.

The more honest you are, the more it will help you. It can take a little while to get used to and seem like a hassle but it's worth the effort.

If you want to successfully lose weight and keep it off monitoring what you eat is so important! You need to find out what works best for you, an app, diary or online tracker are all great ways to help you reach your goal.
Do you keep a diary or track what you eat? What do you use?


  1. I use the online tracker with Weight Watchers and I must admit, I've been pretty impressed with it. Half my fear of using WW again was the hassle of working out points for meals made from ingredients rather than a ready meal with nutritional values on the packet. The tracker has found pretty much all the food I've eaten for the last two weeks tho, which is pretty good!

  2. I'm using the 'my fitness pal' i-phone app, really handy to track what you're eating when you're out and about :) Simple, easy and has helped me figure out what I need to cut down on- evidently its sugar!


  3. I love the online tracker, I like putting my new weight in after the meeting and seeing the little graph go down too. It's also great because you can save recipes on there and then just add them whenever you eat them instead of finding the points for all the ingredients again, you can also 'favourite' your food so you don't have to search for it.
    I like to keep a paper tracker in my bag too for when I can't get to the computer xx

  4. Funnily enough I've just started tracking what I eat this week. I bought myself a cute Edward Monkton notebook as its the perfect size to carry around with me (see here http://www.campusgifts.co.uk/acatalog/info_EM1128.html?ref=EM1128) and then as I'm following SW I note down my Healthy A and B's, my free food and the syns. Plus note any exercise I do as well. I picked a positive looking book to try and motivate me to a) use it and b) make it fun


  5. I should do this more! I always write down if I have a week planned with meals out and things but otherwise I dont.
    I'm going to write everything down this week x

  6. I've gotten out of the habit of keeping a diary, I must get back on it! I'm gonna go look if I can find an app for my phone!

  7. I started weightwatchers 2 weeks ago and I've found it to be so much more helpful to actually keep track of what you're eating! Really makes you think about it before you actually eat it.

    I downloaded the app this week so I can keep track on my phone - SO easy and convenient!

  8. I also use myfitness pal on my iphone or online. It makes it super easy to track everything and you can save meals you eat regularly. Tracking is so important!!

    Als just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying reading this blog as it's great motivation to keep going on my fitness routine until my high school reunion! So thanks girls!


  9. You have a lovely blog,i followed....Keep up the good work and stay in touch. Have a nice day !

  10. I use myfitnesspal.com and love it! You can track your calories, exercise and weigh ins. It is really easy to use and there are iPhone/blackberry apps :)