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Sunday, 27 January 2013

We're now nearly a month into 2013 and the month when talk of goals, losing weight and getting fit is unavoidable is now behind us.  February is 'make or break' time for those New Year's promises and it definitely takes hard work to make sure the motivation we got from seeing the scales after a week of indulgence at Christmas doesn't wane.  What changes have you made as part of New Year's Resolutions or goals? Are you keeping them up?

Rosie - I have mixed feelings about this week.  It started off great with lots of healthy meals and getting up early to do exercise DVDs and throw around kettlebells.  I try and follow the 80/20 rule of being good 80% of the time and my naughty 20% involved fish and chips at a pub on Thursday night, which unfortunately resulted in hideous stomach cramps for the next 48 hours.  Has anyone else had something similar when eating oily batter after a period of healthy eating? I also went out on my first night out in ages on Friday night and indulged in a few Orchard Pig ciders and some pre-drinking pizza to line the stomach.  On the plus-side, despite Thursday and Friday night I've managed to lose 2lbs this week and I ran a very picturesque 10k along country roads in the sunshine this morning.  Here's to a perfect week this week!

Sarah V - As you might have seen on Wednesday, I'm back on the Where Are My Knees team. After several months of having zero interest in dieting and exercise, I had a bit of a wake up call when I got on the scales after Christmas and am newly motivated and on the Weight Watchers train! So far I have lost 6lbs and my next weigh-in is tomorrow - am really hoping to have lost at least 1lb to have done my first half a stone! I'm still being really good on Weight Watchers. I haven't had a week where I've used all my 49 weeklies yet, even though I've had a few 'wine nights' and even some meals out, I've kept WW in mind and tracked and pointed absolutely everything. Nando's is my new favourite place, it's so WW friendly!

Gemma - 1lb off this week, slowly getting there! I've had another naughty weekend and had far too much wine and hangover carbohydrates but you're only young once right? I'm going to try and behave this week because I'm off to Paris next weekend and can't promise I wont indulge in a little cheese and pastry. I seem to be having problems with saying no to alcohol on nights out and it really isn't helping me to lose weight, I'm thinking of trying a month without the wine.

Sarah - well I am going to have to work extra hard next week if I want to lose a stone in a month, I stayed the same this week.  BUT it was to be expected so I am fine with that.  I stayed 100% on plan apart from two occasions this week - both of which were pretty special.  I went to the National Television Awards on Wednesday and had a bit of sugar and refined carbs along with a glass of wine.  It was my birthday yesterday so I had one meal off plan last night and again had a glass of wine and had a slice of cake today.  It only happens once a year after all!  I have decided that I am going to drop the alcohol again til I get to target, it made me feel really dehydrated even though I only had one glass on both occasions.  Just not worth it right now.  I have also found that I am intolerant to both hard cheese and cream, even the lactofree versions.  I can however eat halluomi and paneer with no problems so yay to silver clouds! Definitely going to add paneer to my spinach curry next week.  Recipe to follow on here asap.

How did you get on this week?


  1. I've been doing the same as most of you... Great during the week, lose the plot a bit at weekends! I need to get back into going to the gym more regularly too. I'm about to force myself to turn off the laptop and exercise... xx

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