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Sunday Summary 81

Sunday, 6 January 2013

How's your first week of the New Year been? Managed to stick to those resolutions?

Sarah - My sister's baby shower was yesterday and I had originally planned to start my new plan today rather than January 1st but instead I did three days of the plan, took yesterday off and am back to it today.  There will always be something that gets in the way so I am trying not to use them as an excuse this year.  I have decided to follow The Harcombe Diet.  I have an issue with sugar and carbs in general and am hoping that this can sort out my cravings once and for all and mean I find it much easier to stick to a plan 100%.  The first five days are hell.  No sugar, only 50g brown rice for carbs, nothing processed just lots of veg, meat, eggs and natural live yoghurt.  Oh and no caffeine I did three days this week and am so pleased to say I lost 3lbs.

Gemma - The whole month of December was a bit of a disaster and I didn't manage to stick to my ten week pledge. I put on about 10lbs over December and a weigh in today shows that I have already lost about 4lbs since getting back on the Weight Watchers plan this week. I have started to keep a photo diary of what I'm eating over on instagram (fatfrocks, if you want to take a look) and track all my food on the Weight Watchers app. I'm hoping that a combination of tracking and a new sense of optimism about 2013 will keep me heading towards my goal. I'm currently looking through old editions of the Weight Watchers magazine for a bit of recipe inspiration but if any of you have some great, low point recipes please share them with me.

Lauren - Like Gemma, I didn't meet my Ten Week Pledge target, and managed to put on quite a bit of weight over the month of December after overindulging a lot. You name it, I ate it. Or drank it. The festivities continued this week with a trip to visit one of my best friends, but I am now back on the wagon. My meeting isn't until Thursday but I got back on it today and am pleased to say that so far so good. I did have a sneaky peek on the scales this morning (and almost died of shock) so I know roughly where I'm at. I'd like to lost at least 2lbs before I weigh in, but I will see how it goes. I start my new job tomorrow (exciting times!) and will be going out for lunch with a colleague. I have a sneaking suspicion that staying on track will be rather easier at my new place of work, as the agency actually works with Weight Watchers! More motivation in the work place - can't be letting the side down now, can I!? Mum and I have also done a big Weight Watchers friendly food shop today and have drawn up an exercise plan, so fingers crossed for a straightforward first week back on the wagon!

Rosie - I managed to meet my ten week pledge and lost another 2lbs on top of the 10 I lost for that, however from the 22nd December I really relaxed into Christmas and didn't watch what I ate at all.  On top of that, I got my feet and shins tattooed (one session on the 18th and one session on the 27th) meaning I haven't been able to run or exercise since then (for a lot of it I could barely walk!) Of course the result of lots of chocolate and Bucks Fizz coupled with not moving much meant that when I weighed myself at the beginning of last week I saw that I'd put on 5 lbs in 10 days.  Although I feel frustrated with myself that I let myself go to that extent I at least feel happy that I know exactly how to get back to how I was before and I've already planned my meals for the week and done a food shop so I can get back into clean eating.  My feet are also healing nicely so I should be able to go for my first run of the year either tomorrow or Tuesday.


  1. I'm in the same boat - put on 8lbs over Xmas but then back on it on Friday and I already feel loads better - sticking to Weight Watchers again, back in a routine and cooking lots from scratch!

    Now to stay away from the chocolate still lurking around!

    Keep going ladies xx

  2. Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who let things go over Christmas/New Year! Need to get back to exercising and using My Fitness Pal... xx

  3. I am exactly the same, put on a little over Christmas but know it will soon vanish with some hard work and clean eating. We can do this!! x

  4. I think everyone puts on over xmas, the important bit is how you react now in the new year. Good luck for 2013 girls! xx

  5. Who doesn't put weight on over Christmas? I put six on, and I have since lost seven, with less than two pounds to get back to where I was in November. Are you going to do a round up of other peoples ten week pledges? Would love to see how other people got on!

  6. I put on 8lbs over the course of December BUT I enjoyed every minute of it! I'm back on plan now and looking forward and that's the important bit I think :)

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