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Sort Your Fridge

Thursday, 3 January 2013

The whole of December was a total write off for me as far as my diet was concerned. I was a little disheartened after putting over half a stone on but I am also rather excited. I am now a Weight Watchers blogger ambassador which means I get some support from fellow ambassadors and I will be set a little challenge or something to think about each week.

The first challenge was to sort out my fridge. It's hard enough to get back on track in January after all the excess of the festive period without having to see lots of lovely leftovers in the fridge. I was a bit mean and forced my family to eat all the nice things by the 1st of January but I made my intent clear and they now know that bad food in the fridge will not be tolerated! I WILL succeed in 2013.

There are still some treats in the fridge like chocolates but After Eights are just 1 ProPoint each so I don't mind those lingering on throughout January.

Here's a peek inside my fridge:

As you can see, I've made some simple swaps in my fridge to some low ProPoint value foods. All that lovely Cheddar and smoked cheese has been removed and replaced with some Babybel (just 1 ProPoint each) and low fat cheese spread. I've swapped my semi skimmed milk for skimmed which comes in at 3 ProPoints for half a pint instead of 4 and the fizzy drinks have been replaced with some 0 Points Weight Watcher drinks.

I'm going to do two main things when it comes to my fridge in January:

1.Do Some Prep Work

When you're really hungry, you don't want to peel a carrot if you can just open a bag of crisps.The trick is to make vegetables and fruit more convenient to eat by cutting them up so they're ready to go the next time you open the fridge. I have been cutting carrots, cleaning my fruit and chopping peppers so they are ready to snack on when the hunger sets in or I'm feeling peckish.

2. Make the most of my leftovers.

I've been using my recipe books and eSource to get some inspiration for this. I turned my veg into soup and used the leftover meat in curries and stews. All the leftovers have gone now and I feel like I'm making a fresh start.

I've now lost lost just under 6 stone on the plan (well after I get this Christmas gain off) and I know 2013 will be the year I reach my goal of -100lbs.


  1. I love those light mini babybels! They also allow me to tick off a dairy bar in my online tracker :)

  2. I'm here is you need any support Gem!

  3. Nice idea! Good to see a fellow sugar free jelly fan!



  4. Good on you - my parents did Weight Watchers a couple years back and it was incredible how much they could actually eat, and lose weight. The Christmas period is always difficult, no matter what size you are - I'm pretty sure a few pounds gain is expected! Great to get straight back on the wagon though, I've continued to be a little naughty since I'm still on holidays!

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