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Motivation Needed!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Its no secret that I'm not the biggest fan of exercise. When I first started trying to lose weight, the healthy eating fell into place fairly easily, albeit with a few slips off the wagon here and there. But I will always have to work super hard to keep up my motivation for exercise. Its not something that comes naturally to me at all. During my last term at university and for a while over the last few months I got myself into a good routine with going to the gym, but even then it was always something I had to really push myself to do - I never once thought to myself 'I can't wait to get to the gym'. Part of the reason that I made sure I went on a regular basis was because I didn't want to spend £40 a month on a gym membership that didn't get used enough! Its amazing how much of a motivation not wanting to waste money can be!

This was all very well and good, but I've recently changed my job, which means keeping my gym membership wasn't practical because there was no chance of it getting used enough. So now I am left with a dilemma...how am I going to motivate myself to exercise!? I have a couple of exercise DVDs, including the 30 Day Shred and an old Davina McCall one, which I'm planning to dig out of storage, and I was also lucky enough to be sent the Revoflex X-Treme Abs and Body Toning machine from XLS Medical which I'm looking forward to getting some use out of as my stomach is a real problem area for me. I would also like to start doing a bit more running once it starts getting lighter in the evenings - I was running at the gym but by the time I get home from work its far too dark and cold to pound any pavements. So all things considered, I am well equipped to get in some exercise that doesn't come in the form of the gym...the question now, is how to make sure I actually do it!?

Here is what I want to know - what motivates you to get off the sofa and get moving? I know I am by no means the busiest person out there, and yet I still struggle to find the time to work out - what are your tips and tricks for getting in some activity? I know I need to incorporate more exercise into my lifestyle but finding the motivation is so difficult - tell me what works for you!



  1. I do Crossfit six mornings a week. It's extremely tough, but I find that the group atmosphere (especially when we do olympic lifting in teams) helps.
    I also like to set myself challenges - at the moment I am working towards Tough Mudder, and am trying to achieve certain strength goals (ie. 10 full chin ups in a row, double unders, handstand pushups).

  2. I run about four times a week, normally before work. I make myself a playlist that I can't wait to hear and use Runkeeper to motivate me to be better x

  3. I always tell myself not to bother and recently have just switched that by literally saying "no" to myself. Think, why the hell not? The reasons are usually mundane like laziness and with the right frame of mind I believe you can push any barrier in yourself!

  4. I find going straight after work, helps, and changing into gym gear before I leave work. Usually I'm meeting my boyfriend at the gym too, so that helps! I actually prefer running in the dark, just make sure to wear a hi vis jacket. Maybe just give yourself a goal of doing x times a week, so if you manage to get all your sessions done mid week, you then get the weekend off- this is what I do! I despise going on a Friday evening, so that motivates me to go mid week!

  5. I also prefer running in the dark - people can't see how beetroot red I am! I really enjoy running once I get out there, it's the anticipation of it that's worse. So I try and remind myself of that.
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  6. I am an all or nothing person with both healthy eating & exercise, I tend to be uber committed and go loads or don't go for weeks and I struggle to find the healthy medium!!

    I find exercising with a friend really helps - you can both egg on each other, encourage each other and send daily texts to make sure the other person is sticking to their goals. Another tip is to get my gym gear on really fast as soon as I am thinking about going, I always seem to feel more motivated when I am changed for some reason! I also make sure that if I am going after work I go straight there (already have gym stuff in my work bag) otherwise as soon as I get home all I want to do is lay on the sofa!

    I also like variety, I get bored really easily of the same routines. Although I do love swimming but sadly can't find a good pool near me. Maybe if we were to do a blog community thing where we all can check in every day, with a forum for help and encouragement?

  7. It does feel like a bit of a punishment sometimes. I think the trick is finding something you really enjoy. I love cycling and am lucky I'm able to combine it so I can commute to work.

    As far as the gym, there's always so many good reasons not to go (I'm too tired, I'll get home too late) but I find mixing it up from week to week helps. I'll usually do a week of running on the treadmill or cross trainer to then going for a swim the following week when I'm bored of running.