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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Routine and planning are important when it comes to the Weight Watchers plan. I like to plan my day the evening before when I'm watching TV and prepare my lunch for the next day in adavnce. I know if I'm prepared I can cope with the overloaded food environement that I'm faced with everyday. If I have a flask of tea or bottle of water in my bag I'm less likely to be tempted by my favourite latte in Costa which can come in at over 6 ProPoints. If I know I'm going to the cinema I will take low ProPoint value snacks with me so I'm not tempted to tuck into the popcorn or buy something and regret it later when I work out the points back at home.

I always take my own lunch into work because I can only estimate the points values in the food available at the canteen in work. I few points wrong each day and too much estimation can lead to disappointment on the scales so weighing my food and being accurate is important. Taking my own lunch in is also good for my bank balance, meal deals are about £4 a day!

I track all my food in my diary every day which also has space for me to stick in recipes and inspirational quotes/photos. I use the Weight Watchers app to look up points values or to work out the value of foods using the calculator. I prefer to track in my diary and then add it to the website later on rather than logging in and out all day.

Milk  - 3 ProPoints (for cereal and tea)
Weetabix - 3 ProPoints
Babybel light - 1 ProPoint

Mid morning snack
Yogurt - 2 ProPoint

Chicken and sweetcorn soup - 5 ProPoints
Bread roll - 3 ProPoints
Apple - O ProPoints

Weight Watchers Lasagne and vegetables - 8 ProPoints

Fanta - 3 ProPoints
Curly Wurly - 3 Pro Points

31/31 ProPoints

If you want to take a look at more typical days on the Weight Watchers plan you can view my other 'Day in the life of' posts or for more meal inspiration check out the #wwfooddiary tag on twitter and instagram.


  1. You are so organised! I do tend to plan ahead and put my food into my tracker around breakfast time but I'm never prepared enough to go to cinema with my own snacks!

  2. You are very organised! I am OBSESSED with the WW app, and am tracking absolutely everything on there. I'm always tinkering with my iPhone anyway so it's pretty natural for me to enter everything into it, and I love that I can look up the points for everything I'm eating. I'm so new to WW that I'm still working out what various things are so am always on it!

    I do find pre-planning helps though. Lately what I do is put in all my meals at breakfast time, and then from that I can work out how many points I have left for snacks etc. Interestingly your weekly points are higher than mine though, I'm on 28!

    I haven't made it to the cinema yet since I started WW but looked up a large popcorn the other day out of curiosity and it was almost my entire daily points allowance! Scary!

    1. I think I may be a bit taller? I'm 5ft 5.5 and about 14 stone so I'm currently on 31. Worrying about being on 26 now but I'm sure I can make it stretch.

      The app is so handy, bought a new phone and it was the first thing I installed on there. Saves me carrying around my eating out guide and notepad with me all the time.

  3. Your diary is amazing, where is it from?!