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Sunday Summary 82

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Another week done!  How are you getting on guys?  Have you found new motivation to make this happen this year?

Sarah - I am happy to say I have lost 4lbs this week.  That's half a stone gone in just 10 days. AMAZING!!  I usually only manage a pound or two here or there and if I get a bigger number one week it is usually followed by maintaining the next so I am over the moon.  So happy I have finally found a plan I can stick to 100% without the temptation to cheat.  I went to Nandos for lunch yesterday and as my meal came with two sides I chose salad for me and more chips for Gray and happily scraped them off my plate onto his without wanting to steal at least one - unheard of!

Gemma - My first week on plan was a huge success and I lost 6lbs on Tuesday which is my weigh in day. I have already lost a couple more this week so I'm looking forward to seeing the final figure at my next weigh in. I'm finding that using all the online resources that come with Weight Watchers and planning my meals is helping me to stay on track. I was a little worried that I wouldn't stay on plan if I didn't attend a class but an online only subscription seems to be working just as well. I went to the cinema yesterday and took some low fat popcorn, blueberries and diet coke and didn't feel hard done by at all and I've managed to have a Cadbury's Creme Egg and some trifle this week and still stay on track. You really don't need to feel deprived if you're on a diet.

Rosie - Last week was my first week of getting back into clean eating and when I weighed myself on Friday I'd lost 2 of the pesky lbs I'd piled on over Christmas, which is a good start.  However, this weekend I was away in Bath from Friday until this afternoon and I allowed myself a few treats over the weekend as I wanted to really enjoy being away and eating out.  I'll be straight back on it tomorrow and I'm promising I'll start my week with my first run of the year, let's just hope I haven't set my fitness levels too far back with all that relaxing I've been doing!

Chris - Good news, everyone!

Ahem. Yes, good news. Today marks the day that I can honestly say that I have got rid of those pesky Christmas pounds, as Rosie called them - and I have the gym to thank for that.

Since last Sunday I have been to... *counts on fingers* seven classes at my gym - and have managed to mix up both cardio and weight classes too. The little biscuit baby that I grew over Christmas has retreated; no more does it poke at my t-shirts and jumpers and make me feel like a blimp slowly coming in to land at m desk in work - excellent news, I'm sure you'll agree.

I also seem to have developed "guns", as the kids call them nowadays - and quite by accident as well. When I started doing Body Pump, the aim was simply to tone up a bit - when you lose as much weight as I did as quickly as I did, your skin needs all the encouragement it can get to actually start fitting your body again - but  four months or so into doing Body Pump, I'm surprised at how big my arms have got.

I'm excited about the upcoming week as well - it's relaunch week at my gym, meaning that all the Les Mills classes (Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Combat and the rest) all get new songs and choreography to go with them - if you've never done a Les Mills class before, about now is a great time to start, because everyone is new to the routines.


  1. Well done all : ) lost 5lbs at my first weigh in from eating clean and had my first social event yesterday where I managed to make sensible choices! Feeling good and looking forward to the week ahead : )


  2. Last week I lost 7 pounds, I got rid of my Christmas bloat an a bit more: yey! I'm looking forward to this weeks weigh in :) Well done everyone, January seems to be treating us all well!

  3. Well done guys - some fab losses :D I'm still 5lbs up on my pre-christmas weight but I'm 2lbs down so better than nothing. Can't wait to be at a new-low again.
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  4. WOW you've all done amazing! Congrats.

  5. Well done, all of you!
    I'm definitely getting back into it this past week or so, now that the classes have started up again at the gym after Xmas. I've swum every day this week (usually only manage five or six days) and have done 4spinning classes so I'm pleased with that.
    I've also downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and plan to get going with that!

  6. well done all of you on your losses! Must be good to know the xmas weight is gone.

    Gem- I like you have switched to online, and as much as I miss going to meetings I like being able to just weigh myself first thing in morning when I get up.m

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