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Sunday Summary 83

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Another week done! How have you been getting on so far this year?

Sarah - I moved onto Phase 2 of the Harcombe diet with a bit of a hiccup.  I reintroduced both cheese and cream at the same time and ended up with indigestion and feeling pretty rotten.  I had a feeling I am probably intolerant to cheese so cut them both out for 5 days and reintroduced cream with no issues yesterday.  Thankfully I didn't gain (if you eat food you're intolerant to it can cause you to gain a couple of pounds) though I do think it slowed down my progress.  I lost 2lbs this week bringing my total for 2013 to 9lb in 18 days of dieting, I am over the moon!  Wonder if I can make it to a stone in 31 days? Fingers crossed!!

Gemma - I stayed the same this week but I'm not too disappointed because I lost so much the week before and I've not really been able to get out and walk because of the weather. This weekend has been a complete disaster, I went to Las Iguanas and ate so much, had cocktails then went for a night out and have no idea how much I had to drink so don't know how much to count for it. I have a hangover today (not very clever at all, surely I should know better by the age of 25?) and I have eaten so many carbs. Oh well, I did have fun ;)

Lauren - I've finally managed to find a class that fits around my work schedule so as of last Monday I am back to weekly weigh-ins with Weight Watchers. I'm still finding my feet in terms of eating routines with my new job as its just so busy, but even when I've wavered from plans I've made healthy choices this week. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to WI tomorrow what with all the pesky white stuff everywhere, but the class is open all week so even if I don't make it tomorrow I can go on Tuesday. I'm hoping to see a loss this week but we'll have to see. I'm also planning to try to squeeze in some exercise before work every morning this week. It will mean some very early starts but hopefully when the days start getting longer I can go in the evenings instead.

Rosie - I weighed myself this morning and am still 4lbs heavier than at was just before Christmas.  It's frustrating but then, I did have four days away in Bath last weekend where I ate and drank whatever I wanted and I've already mentioned my indulgent Christmas! This weekend I tried to prepare some foods for the week as I know my failure points are when I don't have anything in the house or at work with me and I end up making bad choices at the supermarket or worse, the takeaway.  I cooked a gammon joint so I have gammon for lunches and I also made some oatmeal pancakes for me to heat and have with 0% greek yoghurt for breakfasts.  I've also bought all the ingredients for dinners this week, which will be falafel, steak and turkey burgers.  I'm feeling hungry just thinking about it! Along with carrying on 'eating clean' (look out for a post on eating clean here on Tuesday) I've also been on the exercise bike tonight and bought some kettlebells from Sainsbury's.  Sainsbury's actually have some amazing offers on gym stuff at the moment, I also picked up an exercise mat and was eyeing up a Pilates kit too! I tried running a couple of times this week but the cold really gets on my chest and it's too dangerous now with so much ice and snow on the pavements so I'll be doing exercise DVDs and more bike to keep my fitness up.

Chris - I've had another successful week at the gym - managing seven classes this week. (Body Pump x 3, One Body Combat, Two Body attacks and an Abs Blast, if you're keeping score) - and as such I feel great. I've had to but myself a Tubigrip to help support my left knee, however - it's very slightly weaker than the right, and 100-200 35 kilo squats a session are talking to take their toll on it.

As a result, I'm going to try wearing the support for the next few weeks and see if things improve - while being extremely care that I don't blow the damned thing out. I don't fancy a month (or more!) on crutches, thankyou very much.

Despite the above, to mark the new Pump release I've decided to up my weights for most of the session: I'd been at a sticking point for quite some time now, so I'm using what seems to be a slightly easier release to ease myself into some bigger plates.

I'm also strating to notice a difference in the cardio/aerobic classes I go to: I'm not the most co-ordinated person in the world, but after making an effort to do at least two a week since new year, I'm finding myself getting a little more nimble - although I admit I was pretty much a blank slate on that front.


  1. Well done ladies :) Sarah, 9lbs in 18 days is amazing! You have much more willpower than me... xx

  2. looking forward to reading your clean eating post Rosie as its something I'm trying to do at the moment too!


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