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Sunday Summary #19

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Happy Sunday everyone! Good week?

Sarah - I have lost 1lb this week which I am happy with as I haven't really stuck to plan at all this week. Am 3lbs off being where I had hoped to be by this point but hey ho weightloss isn't easy as we all know!! I met up with Gemma yesterday at the Birmingham Bloggers Meet which was ace and well worth being naughty and eating a pizza... Following my sisters wedding on Monday I am back on this weightloss mission 100% and am hoping to get back to 3lb a week losses. I have 25lbs to lose by October so any motivation/tips you guys can share with me would be much appreciated!

Gemma - I lost another 1lb this week but I have been spurred on by someone in my class who loses 2-3 lbs every week! So jealous, I'm going to religiously track what I eat and try and pick up my exercise again, I need to ask her what the secret is. I found a fitness channel on Sky tv (282) and they have lots of aerobics and dance work outs on there, much cheaper than going to a class!
I went to the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up yesterday with the lovely Sarah and I made really wise food choices. I chose chicken and asked for salad instead of fries but then I went for the night out and drank so much vodka! Luckily I have a 49 weekly points to use so I don't think the night out will make a difference at weigh in. I had a bacon roll, juice and toast for breakfast this morning but I knew I would be travelling and miss lunch so I needed a big breakfast. Hope I lose 2lbs this week before a wedding on Saturday.

Charlene - No more weightloss this week but I've been eating healthier and keeping up exercise. I've been doing the 30 Day Shred with 5lb weights and god, is it tough! Think I was cheating myself when I was using tin cans! Feeling a bit of a fatty today though (I'm sure that time of the month is to blame though!) but hopefully that will make me work harder this week!

Lucy - Oh! I wrote this earlier but it didn't save :( Anyway, I know, I know. I said two weeks ago I would be back on Slimming World and well, I haven't exactly stuck to that. I mean, I haven't been eating ridiculously at all, I just haven't been keeping track or really taking note. But then yesterday our Australia flight confirmation came through and shit got REAL. I looked up the hotel we're going to be staying in for the first couple of days and the first photo I saw was of a swimming pool and if I went to Australia looking as I do now, no way would I be going anywhere near that pool. I really need to get myself into gear, please spur me on and GIVE ME MOTIVATION. I promise not to let everyone down for the 20th week running next week...

Sarah V - I'm SO back in the zone. I lost 4.5lbs at Rosemary Conley this week which is brilliant - I was feeling gutted that I'd put on almost all the weight I'd lost since starting this blog, but now I only have another 4.5lbs to go until I'm back there. My birthday is next week, though, which will be a challenge...

How has your week been?


  1. Hello WAMK ladies, I am back in the zone this week having rejoined SW (weight 7lbs more than I thought I did - not good) but have actually dusted off the books, eat well and played Zumba on the PS3 twice (only arrived on Friday) so feeling good about the first weigh in tomorrow....

    Like you all it is so hard to stay motivated but your blog helps keep me thinking about making healthier choices so thank you without it I don't think I would have rejoined SW...now if I can just work up the courage to start the 30 Day Shred as well I'll be laughing!!


  2. I love reading these posts - you girls are fantastic and it's such fun to be on this journey with you. You are all doing brilliantly. You are all gorgeous no matter what you weigh but I think it's very sweet that you are all doing this together and supporting each other. I hope that one day I can be as inspirational and hardworking as you guys :)

  3. Keep up the good work girls!

    I was super careful tracking this week and also worked out 3 times and am planning one last one tonight before weighing in tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to lose at 1east 2lb and finally hit that -10lb mark after last week's .5 gain. Wish me luck!


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