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Sunday Summary #16

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Happy Sunday guys! I hope your week has been better than ours...

Sarah - Yesterday was my little sisters hen party, I weighed myself both yesterday morning and this morning to see the difference and I am shocked! As of yesterday I would have stayed the same this week but because of a few peanuts and a bit of alcohol I have gained 2lbs!! My body sucks.  If the 1lb = 3500 calories I in theory must have consumed 7000 calories plus my regular requirement yesterday and I know I was no where near that :(  I am hoping it's partly due to that time of the month and partly due to dehydration. This coming week I want to lose those 2lbs plus a further 2lbs to get to 21lbs lost... ONE AND A HALF STONE! That sounds amazing to me!

Gemma - It has been another tough week and my diet hasn't gone too well. I was unable to attend my weigh in because we are currently ripping all the plaster off the walls in the house and I was far too busy. I did weigh myself at home on my usual weigh in day and I think I may have put half a lb on or maybe more (my scales aren't as accurate at the ones in class). I have really given it my all this week, I have been walking more and I have done the 30 Day Shred a few times. I'm having a weekend away in Birmingham for my brothers birthday and we are seeing Ke$ha so hopefully I can resist temptation, not drink too much and not eat to many Percy Pigs on the coach home. Fingers crossed for a good result this week, I really need it!!

Charlene - It's been an okay week foodwise (despite the pizza!) but I think it's alcohol that's letting me down at the moment. I drink spirit and diet mixer which probably isn't the worst choice but when you add up how many drinks consumed per night, and then have a look at how often socialising involves drinking... it's a lot. I'm going for a spa day tomorrow and one of the treatments I'm getting - a seaweed bath - apparently helps reduce the appearance cellulite. We'll see how that goes!

Lucy - again, I haven't even thought about what I've been eating this week. I've been snacking on birthday cake and not struggling to eat all the chocolates and sweets that I received! I'm working in London from tomorrow so once again that means early mornings, late nights and hopefully not eating as much. I won't be walking as far though because I'm staying somewhere different in Leicester this time that isn't quite within walking distance of the train station so it'll be the bus for me each morning and evening! I'm hoping to get back onto Slimming World properly as of a week tomorrow though, Mum wants to join in and together we're going to persuade Dad to eat well too!

Sarah V - I've been trying to get back on the wagon, as I posted about. It's hard - I've fallen back into all my bad habits like snacking. A lot. But I've started walking to work again, which is a start, and buying healthy lunches. This week, my mission is to cut out the snacks and try and shrink my stomach again - I've definitely stretched it! I'm going to try and work in some more exercise - I can't make my Rosemary Conley class on Tuesday which doesn't help, I know now that I need to go back to get me on the straight and narrow!

Have a good week everyone!

Are you struggling? Summer can be so tricky with all those BBQ's and festivals.


  1. Sarah, I drive myself mental doing that sort of thing. This week I freaked myself out by being (I swear to God) half a stone heavier on Wednesday night than I'd been on Saturday morning, which is my usual weigh-in. Logic - time of the month, weighing everything I'd eaten and drunk throughout the day - went out the window and I was devastated and so angry with myself. Needless to say, I lost half a stone pretty much instantly and am back to normal now. I MUST stop weighing myself at night! I bet you haven't gained two pounds, it will just be a fluctuation due to fluid etc.

  2. YOu won't have gained 2lb overnight don't worry it'll be fluid retention etc! But it is the most depressing thing in the world when you think you've done OK or lost and then magically gain out of nowhere by weighing yourself on a different day...

    For my week I've lost 2.25lbs and I'm now on Day 23 of the 30 Day Shred so feeling quite positive now... A sopposed ot last week when my motivation hit an all time low!

    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  3. This weekend was a disaster for me! Alcohol and lots of food, and I didn't even track for 3 days :( I'm sticking strictly to weight watchers for the rest of the week and amd planning to work out everyday as well, but we'll see the damage come Friday morning...i REALLY wanted to hit the 10lb mark finally but I have a feeling the scale will be going up a pound or two. Le sigh...but I will keep working!!!

  4. GREAT blog! if you get the chance to check out mine i would really LOVE your two cents on it, especially in the most recent post. you are so inspirational and your opinions would mean so much! Thanks!


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