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Sunday Summary #18

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Another week, DONE!

Sarah - I haven't been well enough to start the shred so that's my task for next week and I am actually really excited about it as I know it works! I have lost another 2lbs this week and have hit the 21lb lost mark! YAY!!

Gemma -Last week was a great week, I did the shred a few times and ate really well so I lost 2lbs which means I have lost 35.5lbs in total. This week has been REALLY bad, it was my mum and brothers birthday and I've eaten a sick amount of cake. I also have 3 bloggers meet ups this week, on for Cardiff bloggers, one for librarian bloggers and the Birmingham one on the weekend, all of which will involved food and alcohol. I'm going to write off my 49 weekly points this week as cake points and start fresh tomorrow which gives me 4 days until my weigh in on Friday to sort myself out and hopefully lose a lb or two.

Charlene - I lost 2lbs this week! I didn't focus 100% on eating healthily but I done so much walking and exercise! Seeing the number on the scales decrease has given me a big push and hopefully I'm fully back on track now!

Lucy - I've been back at work for a week now and to be honest I feel disgusting in myself, I've been taking packed lunch to work but I don't know, I still feel gross. I seriously need to get motivation back and start thinking Australian thoughts, even though October seems ages away, it's not and I can't go there without losing at least a stone. PLEASE SEND ME MOTIVATIONAL THOUGHTS! I think mum & dad are going to start eating better from tomorrow so hopefully I can really get started properly. Again. For the millionth time. I'm so rubbish.

Sarah V - I feel back on track. I'm back at Rosemary Conley, and eating healthily again. Exercise after a long break was HARD, but by the end I was full-on loving Zumba again! Apart from one day where I just couldn't turn down a free Krispy Kreme, I've been pretty saintly. I'll know for sure on Tuesday, but my parents' scales seem to think I've lost 4lbs since Tuesday. Fingers crossed they're right!

How has your week been guys?


  1. I started the week on a BIG mental low, with a job agency lying to me giving me a knock back and thus taking an effect on my motivation for exercise. HOWEVER! I could (finally) feel how my fitness had improved when I played tennis on Friday and ran on Saturday, I really felt so different and happy with what I had done when I finished. I am now drinking cider, but I feel I deserve it(!). Onwards and upwards, bloody fingers crossed! Dont wanna go backwards (again!). xxxx

  2. My goal for the week was to maintain, seeing as last weeks weight loss was due to having a stomach bug and not eating the days prior to weigh in, and so as soon as I started eating I pt that weight back on plus some more! I'm happy to report that I gained 0.2 pounds, which I things is near enough to maintaining!

    Well done everyone!

  3. You guys are all doing so well, its great motivation. I really need to get back on my diet, I was hungover yesterday and I eat terribly when that happens :(. I can't even tell you what I had you would be disgusted! Thanks for the really helpful reply to my e-mail about running shoes btw, I've found some great runner bloggers thanks to you guys :) xxx


  4. I'm hovering right around the -10lb mark, hopefully will hit it and then some on friday!

    I started a blog to keep myself motivated and accountable :) check me out!