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Festival Survival Guide

Monday, 11 July 2011

If you're attending a festival this year, plan ahead. Use some of these tips and you will have a great time but not stray from your weight loss target.

You can box up lots of lovely diet friendly treats to put in your rucksack including rice cakes, fruit, cereal bars. I usually take some Weight Watcher cakes that come wrapped individually and I make a sandwich to eat when I have finished setting up camp. It can take ages to queue for your wristband and put you tent up and you will be hungry after all of this. If you are prepared you will eat something healthy that you have packed rather than heading straight for the burger van.

You don’t want to spend the whole time worrying about what to eat so it is a good idea to check out the festival website before you go. I found out that there is a great Salvation Army tent at Reading that serves soup and a bread roll for about a quid, so much cheaper than food in the arena and really healthy.

There are usually loads of veggie and vegan food stalls and these are great for people on diets, fill up on a pitta filled with falafel and salad or go for some vegetable chow mein on a Chinese food stand (the average portion is about 7 points on the Weight Watcher plan). If you think about what you are going to eat before you get there you can work out the points in advance and take away all the hassle and stress.

Weight Watchers have a new app where you can track your points and find out the points values of food so this is worth downloading before you go. You can save all of your weekly points/syns for the festival so you can have a few treats without feeling guilty.

Make sure you dance the night away and explore the festival site to burn away some of the calories from all the alcohol you will be drinking ;)
Remember, celebrate your weight loss so far by wearing lots of lovely, bright summer clothing. Don’t hide under baggy clothes anymore, dance and have the time of your life!

If you have any festival tips please leave a comment.


  1. My top tip - DON'T take your own pita breads unless you're going to use them all up as soon as you open them. In a hot tent, they go mouldy in like, hours. Not that I had a really gross experience with green furry pitas... :S

    On a more successful note, I definitely recommend flapjacks - these are amazingly good.

    Happy festivaling lucky people!
    Hello, Sweetie

  2. i always struggle with what to take to a festival that won't go mouldy. i'm really picky with food and always convince myself they're out of date or something! i usually eat at the veggie friendly/healthy t area at t in the park and they sell lots of things like falafel and hummus in pita bread.

    if we're camping it's always sandwiches for the first day (most of my friends will happily eat them a day or two after but as i say, i'm a bit of a weirdo!) and then usually just crisps/biscuits for snacking and food from the healthy t for 'dinner'. not too bad when you consider all the chips, burgers, kebabs on offer!

  3. I'm off to a German festival next month, so it'll be about 30 hours on a coach for me. Think I'll be packing some of those giant snack a jacks and some dried fruit for the journey.

    The problem with Germany is that they love mayo and pile it onto everything, they're good for the odd chinese food stand though.

  4. wish i hadthe guts to go to one x

  5. I ate stupidly well at Glastonbury. My friend and I decided we would never eat at the same stand twice, and made sure to try as many different world cuisines as we could. We ended up eating pretty healthily, and didn't go near a burger stand, plus tried all kinds of new things.

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