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Graze Boxes

Friday, 1 July 2011

I know a lot of people have probably already heard of, or are already subscribed to, Graze Boxes but I thought I'd share them anyway in case there's people who haven't.

Basically, Graze are an online company who specialise in delivering healthy snacks right to your door. I'd heard of them for a while before I tried it out, but since my first box, I've been having them delivered every Monday for about 3 months or so now and I absolutely love them. You can choose what day you want them delivered - I thought choosing Monday seemed like a logical idea!

You don't get to pick what you want in the boxes but you can give the people who make them a rough idea of things you like and don't like and you can go through the list of things on offer and choose whether you like the sound of it or not. There's also the option to pick boxes with foods that will improve your energy levels, help you lose weight, that boost immunity or that can help a varied & balanced diet.

It seemed I was relatively fussy when it came to my likes & dislikes, I don't like nuts or olives and these two things seem to form the basis of most of the snacks available although there ways around this, which I found out! (although they're not ideal if you're allergic to nuts, I don't even think they let you sign up if you tell them you're allergic) Flapjack!

The boxes cost £3.49 per week, although if you sign up using somebody else's code you can get your first one free and your second one half price, and then if you decide you're not a fan after that then you can cancel your boxes. If you decide you do want to carry on receiving the boxes then it does it all for you, but on the same token they're so easy to cancel if you find you're not enjoying them so much or just don't want to part with the money every week.

There is a massive selection of stuff available too, I personally love the flapjacks and some of the crackers are amazing! I really want to try the deli topped focaccia they do but I'm yet to receive any.

If anybody wants to try a box or two then you can sign up by clicking here and my code is Z8TRX74 which will get you your first box free and the second half price (and if any of you do use my code then instead of getting money off my boxes I'll donate the money I get to charity)

Are any of you already signed up to Graze or thinking about it now? What are your favourite snacks?


  1. Im generally not big on snacking but these look really good.. and I love olives. Is one box big enough for a lunch? I neeed to think about this after the summer again.

  2. I got one of these a while ago and I must have had really bad luck because everything in it tasted absolutely disgusting :(

  3. @Hanna I'd say one probably is enough for lunch, but I'd recommend taking lunch & using these to snack on throughout the day instead of an actual meal x

  4. I got Graze via a code about a year ago. I bloody loved it. Too much so because I ate it all in one go... OOPS! HOWEVER! Once I have a proper job, my aim is to get these regularly, I really think it'll help stop me snacking on crap! xxxx

  5. I used to get Graze and was all over the moon about them but then I sorta fell out with it to be honest and ended up cancelling my weekly box. I found the stuff they were sending me not very varied (they were sending me all those nuts/seeds mixtures pretty much all the time....and now, don´t get me wrong, I like those. But I´m much more crazy about flapjacks, foccacias and olives. And yet I almost never got those:().
    It is, however, a great way to discover different snack ideas and try things you wouldn´t be brave enough to buy in the shop because "what if I don´t like it?":)

  6. I wish I didn't work on the road, as I would love to get these!

  7. When I signed up I set my deliveries for a Monday, and it told me that if you have Monday deliveries you can't get bread. So maybe this is why you haven't received any?

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