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Shock Absorber Ultimate Gym Bra Review

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Shock Absorber recently, kindly sent me their new Gym Bra to review, but before I get stuck into how I put it through its paces, I'm going to backtrack a little.  So...

Why wear a sports bra?

I think we would all agree that a good sports bra is an indispensable addition to a woman's gym gear collection.  Just as it's recognised that a good pair of trainers are important for comfort and avoiding injury, so it should be that a good sports bra provides the same for women doing any form of exercise.  Did you know that unsupported breasts move up to 12cm during exercise (up and down, and side to side).  Are you all visualising that female runner in your neighbourhood, or at your gym class who really needs to wear a more supportive bra? Shock Absorber themselves have even done their own research and found that their sports bras reduce 'breast bounce' by up to 78%, which is twice as much as a normal bra.  I guess the real clincher for women everywhere is that not wearing a sports bra can cause ligament damage and tissue damage that can cause sagging (and can't be reversed).  No thanks!

Okay, so why Shock Absorber?

A while ago, I tricked myself into thinking that I could buy a 'cheap' sports bra, and that it would do the same thing.  I couldn't face the thought of shelling out £30 on a sports bra and so bought one for about £7 from a high street sports shop.  My gym is one of those ones that caters for the egotistical (okay, those who want to improve their 'technique', yeah yeah...) and has huge floor length mirrors and I was pretty horrified by what I saw when jogging on the treadmill.  Not generally (well, kind of) but specifically in the chest area.  There was a whole lot of movement, and a whole lot of discomfort.  For someone aiming to do lots more running on the treadmill and the road, this is just not practical.  So the Shock Absorber bra came at a great time for me.  They really are the crème de la crème of sports bras - high quality, well-made and with lots of little details that aid comfort and support.  Cheap sports bras really are a false economy - I'm afraid this is one item in your gym kit that you're going to have to spend a little money on.

Shock Absorber Ultimate Gym Bra, £35*

Ultimate Gym Bra review

Okay, so let's look at the Shock Absorber Ultimate Gym Bra itself.  New to their Spring/Summer range and available on House of Fraser for £35, it's designed for the gym go-er but built with all types of sports activity in mind.  It comes in sizes 32A - 38H, and features thoughtful little additions like a seam free inner lining for comfort, a padded hook and eye section for if you're doing mat work, padded and non-slip straps and even a hook for your headphones. The back section has two openings which I must admit befuddled me when trying to get it on for its first wear. The first thing I want to express about this bra is that it is not a lightweight, slip on, 'almost like you're not wearing it' kind of sports bra.  It is the 'tank' of sports bras.  It is heavy duty.  Those boobs are not moving a millimetre.  I worked out that the trick to getting it on is to do up the top bit, yank it over your head and then do up the hook and eye section.  When on, it feels very solid.  I was slightly worried when I first had it on that it was going to be supportive to the point of discomfort - it really does hold you in place and I wondered what that would be like when running.  Luckily I had nothing to worry about.

I took the bra out for a run to give it a road test. After a few seconds of running my concerns that it would be, almost too supportive ebbed away.  It held me in place but didn't hurt or rub and when I took it off post-run there was no discomfort or marks (I'd been concerned that a heavy-duty sports bra of this nature would leave marks or rubbing, but it definitely didn't).  Since then this has been my 'go to' sports bra - it is comfortable, supportive and the colour and style looks great under a vest or running top which isn't always a deciding factor but is nice nonetheless.

I would have no reservations in recommending this bra - it is well-worth its price tag and a great investment.  Just take note that what you're buying is not a lightweight, 'slip it on' type bra - it is built for support, and, trust me, support it will.


  1. OK, I must admit I hadn't ever worn a sports bra until this year - I know that's pretty bad of me!
    I also have to admit that the one I own and wear now IS one of those slip it on ones, although it does seem to keep everything in place (I have pretty much no chest left anyway, that seems to be the first (or only) place I've lost weight!)
    It's probably something to consider though as I spend more time in the gym.

  2. I only wear Shock Absorber bras - they are fantastic, I could never go back to anything less tank-like - can't recommend them enough!

  3. *I should probably add that I only wear Shock Absorber bras for exercising in. I do have normal ones that I wear the rest of the time!

  4. I love this sports bra BUT the one I have regularly unhooks itself from the straps at the back, which is a disaster in classes.

    I still wear it because it's my fave in terms of keeping my boobs in the right place but I always have the fear it's going to unhook.

  5. I'd spied these in Debenhams and they looked great. I'd love to try one. Might have to invest. I need a new sports bra. One thing I never skimp on is a sports bra, I may spent a fiver on a pair of sports leggings but I always buy a decent bra for my workouts. I've worn cheap ones and they are so uncomfortable, I can't exercise well if the girls aren't secure, it impacts my performance.

  6. I have bought shock absorber bras from ebay in the past, brand new with tags, they say they're seconds but I've never noticed any problems or issues with them, and they're normally less than £10 which is a huge saving! Especially if you need to replace them regularly as fat disappears first off the boobs :(

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