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Sunday Summary 89

Monday, 4 March 2013

Another week down! How's yours been?

Sarah V - Good news this week, I lost 1lb and FINALLY did my stone! It was a bit frustrating as I got within 2.5lbs of it within a month and then it took almost another month to lose that pesky last bit! But it's GONE and I'm never getting it back, never! I hope I've done well this week, but I worry. I have been so good for the first 2 months of doing Weight Watchers, but this weekend was the first time I didn't track and yesterday I had a few naughty things at a blog event! I've done a lot more exercise than usual this week though - I did a zumba class and have clocked up over 30,000 steps this weekend on my beloved pedometer so I think I've made up for it. But if I haven't lost in my Monday weigh-in I'll know that the culprit was that Reese's peanut butter cup milkshake!

Sarah - I too am updating with a 1lb weight loss this week, thank goodness.  I had a couple of off days, I wasn't well on Saturday and felt like I needed junk to make me feel better, not sure how that logic works but it actually did work!  I am going back to basics this week to see if I can step the weight loss back up a gear.  The evenings are getting lighter so I am also going to go out for a couple of walks this week in an attempt to add some exercise... I might even dust off my copy of the 30 day shred!

Gemma - I'm a little disappointed by the fact that I've stayed the same for the past two weeks. There was a fair trade bake off competition in work which I found too hard to resist and helped myself to some chocolate cake AND lemon drizzle cake. I've also been dating which usually involves going for food and drink. I only really used to drink alcohol on the weekend and I would have vodka and diet coke but I've been drinking a couple of glasses (large ones) on weekdays and the points really add up. I suppose I want to appear to be carefree and laid back so I eat and drink things that I think reflect that when I'm on a date but it's going to lead me down a slippery path and I need to put a stop to it. I might copy Sarah and dig out my 30 Day Shred DVD.


  1. Oh I need to get the 30 day shred out as well. I seem to have ground to a halt recently.

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