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Sunday Summary 91

Saturday, 23 March 2013

The WAMK girls all together last weekend!

Sarah V - I missed my Monday weigh in due to a nasty cold but since I last checked in, I've lost another 2lbs taking my total weight loss to 17.5lbs since 7th January. After the cakefest of last weekend with the other WAMK girls (which was amazing!) I've had a pretty healthy week, so I'm hoping that loss has gone up a bit more by my weigh in tomorrow! I am only 3lbs from my 10% and it would be amazing to do it before Easter - fingers crossed!

Gemma - After a weekend of cake at Norbury Manor and not being able to get out and do as much running as I would like due to the weather I'm really happy with a 1lb loss this week. I've got something on most evenings this week so I'm going to try and walk on my lunch break and fit in the 30 Day Shred before I go to bed to counteract all the nights out and events I'm going to. I'm going try and make senisible choices when I eat out and limit my alcohol intake on the weekend. Chicken salads and a couple of vodka and diet cokes shouldn't send me too far off plan.


  1. Well done for staying on track despite the giant cakefest! Just proves you can have your cake and eat it..? :P

  2. Lovely picture of you all!! Well done on your losses :)

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