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Sunday Summary 90

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hey! Another week done and dusted, how have you gotten on?

Sarah - I am happy to say I've lost 2lbs this week bringing my total lost to 17lbs in 10 or so weeks, a little miracle for me! It was standing at -3lbs yesterday but the super slutty brownies I baked yesterday robbed me of that other 1lb.  They were bloody good though! 

Sarah V - At my weigh in on Monday I'd lost another 1lb taking my total loss to 15 1/2lbs since January 7th. My WW buddy Sha did her 10% this week too! I've got about 5lbs to go. :) This week a few people have commented on the fact that I look slimmer, and I've tried on a couple of dresses that didn't fit me a month ago and they now do - hooray! I had a very boozy night on Sunday but I think food-wise I've stayed just about on track. I am always quite nervous about using my 49 weekly points but I need to get over it, treats are allowed!

Gemma - I lost 1lb this week and I was super strict all week but was a little too busy to fit a lot of exercise in so I'm hoping for a bit more of a loss next time. I just ordered my first pair of trainers since the ones I had for PE in school so I'm aiming to get out for a few runs a week and extra long walks with my dog. I had an American style breakfast today as a bit of a hangover cure, need to learn to say no. Maple syrup is not Weight Watchers friendly!

Rosie - This week has been a tough week for me 'life wise' with a lot of long days at work, a couple of days away from home and quite a lot of stress which has meant it has been a less than perfect week in terms of diet, with next to no exercise.  It made me realise that the key for weight loss for me is preparation as being all over the place this week meant eating out and grabbing things from the cupboard that weren't great choices and not scheduling in swims and gym time meant my exercising massively slipped.  I actually still managed to lose a lb which makes me feel more motivated to have a perfect week this week as if I can lose a lb when I'm just making good choices 80% of the time it shows what could happen if I'm disciplined and stay on track.  I'm still not at what I was before Christmas so I really need to focus and work hard over the next few weeks so I can see results.

Next Sunday the four WAMK girls will be away together (with some other lovely girlies!) So we will try and update you all on our progress before we leave on the Saturday :)


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  2. well done on your losses girlies, hope you have a fab weekend together

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