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Out To Lunch

Thursday, 7 March 2013

You’re more likely to eat lunch away from home than any other meal. I generally take food to work with me about three days a week and meet friends or colleagues for lunch one day and treat myself to a Costa Coffee lunch on a Friday.

According to my pension report I wont be able to retire until 2052 (so depressing!) and the thought of taking a boring sandwich and yogurt in to work every day for all those years fills me with dread. My colleagues think I'm insane when I'm popping left over Chinese food or stew in the microwave but I find eating a varied and exciting lunch really helps to keep me on track. Also, I live in Wales which means it's cold and rains a lot so I like a hot lunch rather than a salad or sandwich in the winter.

At the beginning of the week I take loads of fruit to work with me so I'm only weighed down for one day and I tend to snack on this while I wait for my lunch to heat up which helps to curb my appetite. I always have a cuppa soup and coffee sachet in my handbag just in case I'm running late for work one day and don't have time to prepare anything in the morning.

If I'm meeting friends for lunch in town I pick up something from the M&S Count on Us range which has all the ProPoints on the back, very handy if you don't have you're eating out guide with you of if you haven't planned ahead. Most sandwiches in the range are around 7 ProPoints and they have some lovely desserts for about 3 ProPoints if you fancy a treat. The Weight Watchers range is also very convenient, you know exactly what points values the foods are and all the major supermarkets stock them. I find the Weight Watchers App super handy on my lunch break. With the ProPoints values of thousands of foods at my fingertips, it’s easy to choose a healthy and filling lunch, or to decide if  I enough room in your budget for one of those ‘Oh, go on then’ moments. I'm currently always thinking 'Do I have enough points for a Creme Egg?' on a Friday afternoon.
I also use my lunch break to try and squeeze in a bit of activity. My lunch break is the only time I get to myself all day.  Instead of checking my emails and twitter on my break I try and get out for a walk, even if it's just popping to the shop to get the newspaper. You could walk or even drive to a nearby park with a colleague and spend 15 minutes briskly walking. Making it a weekly lunchtime commitment would be a great idea.
Need some inspiration for your packed lunch? Check out these five lovely and light lunch ideas.


  1. I read somewhere that the office workers spend an average of nearly £8 on lunch every day. £8! It's easy to do though, if you're grabbing a sandwich and a take-out coffee.
    I live within walking distance of work, so always try and go home. Some fresh air on my walk, and I'm eating food I've already got in at home.

  2. That's great that you're trying to eat healthier. Those French Fries are so good. I would love to have a bag with me right now. :3

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