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WW Product Review

Monday, 5 November 2012

A few weeks ago Gem, Sarah and I were lucky enough to each receive a little care package courtesy of the lovely ladies at Weight Watchers. As usual the hampers were a joy to receive. Weight Watchers always go out of their way to make sure there is a good range of products for us to try, plus any package that arrives on my doorstep containing biscuits and cakes is automatically a winner in my book.

Lauren: One of my favourite aspects of the hampers is the Weight Watchers magazine and recipe book. I love the magazine and buy it every month from meetings anyway - there are always loads of brilliant recipes for the season and tips and tricks to get you through whatever occasion is next on the calendar. The Fresh and Easy Every Day recipe book is a real gem to have on the bookshelf as well. All the recipes are simple, quick, yummy and low points, which is exactly what you need after getting in from a long day at work and the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen.

Gemma: I love the magazine, it's full of great recipes which stop me from getting bored with the plan but what I really love in the inspirational stories. Reading about how other people struggled with their weight but reached their goals by following the plan really help me stay on track and think about what my goals are.

Lauren: These mini cookies are great and I've been buying them ever since I received the hamper. They're great for a sugary mid-morning pick me up and because they're mini there are lots of them (well, not lots, but quite a few!) so it takes longer to eat them than it would a couple of normal cookies from the packet - meaning that it feels like you get more for your points. This weight loss stuff...its definitely psychological! ;) My only criticism is that they're not as chocolatey as I would like... but then for 2 ProPoints, they probably never will be.

Gemma: Like Lauren, I also liked the cookies and so did my brother because they all disappeared before I got a look in.

Sarah: Not too keen on these to be honest, would much rather spend the 2 ProPoints on a nice slice of cake.  I found them a bit dry and not to my taste.

Lauren: I was pleased to get the squash, pasta sauce and crackers this month. I've had the crackers before and really enjoy them - great as a snack spread with 30g extra light Philadelphia for a total of 3 ProPoints. I wasn't particularly keen on the cordial but I'm quite fussy when it comes to drinks and tend to only drink the Robinson's Sugar Free Peach squash. My mum is a big fan of the squash though, so it went to work with her instead. The pasta sauce is great for a quick and easy low points meal. I normally make my own pasta sauce but this was really handy to just pour over and stir through when I don't have time to do it all myself. I had mine with tuna and some roasted Mediterranean and it was delicious. You can also make the sauce go a a lot further by stirring in some chopped tomatoes.

Gemma: I liked the cordial, it was nice and refreshing and I keep this in the fridge at work. I find it better to drink squash on my break because if I have a cup of tea I want something sweet to go with it. Such a bad habit. I also liked the sauce but tend to make my own for 0 ProPoints, probably wouldn't use these jars often.

Sarah: I didn't really like the cordial, I don't like lemon so gave this to the husband who loved it.  My favourite cordial is the Weight Watcher Red Grape & Pomegranate one which is so nice.  I loved the pasts sauce, it was really convenient and tasty.  Like Lauren I have been spreading Philly extra light on the crackers and eating them as part of lunch. 


Lauren: I have to admit to being a bit disappointed with the Blueberry Slices and Jaffa mini rolls, particularly as some of the other cake bars and slices are absolutely to die for. My favourites are the Carrot Cake Slices and Caramel Cake Bars. The Blueberry Slices taste fine but aren't anything to write home about, and the Jaffa mini rolls were a bit bland and nothing-y for my tastes. When chocolate and orange are combined I like the orange to be really strong - see Terry's Chocolate Orange or proper old school Jaffa Cakes. The taste of these was quite mild in comparison so I wasn't overstruck.

Gemma: The blueberry slices were a tad artificial for my tastes but the rest of my family liked them. I prefer the coconut slices that WW make or the chocolate bars I buy from class. I normally hate jaffa cakes and think mixing chocolate and orange is just plain wrong but I actually rather enjoyed these jaffa rolls. The jam in the middle tasted more like apricot and they were just the right size.

Sarah: I bloody love the blueberry slices, they are as good as normal cake in my opinion! The blueberry slices are definitely the highlight of the hamper for me.  I also enjoyed the Jaffa rolls and would choose them over the biscuits every time. 

Overall the products we received were great - tasty, convenient, and a good range of things for lunchboxes, snacks and meals. I love that Weight Watchers have such a huge range of products and that they're so easily available and conveniently packaged. Weight Watchers products are often on offer in the supermarkets too, meaning you can pick them up at a snip and keep stocked up on all your favourites so you'll never have to go without.


  1. Weight Watchers mini cookies are my life. I've been known to leave Poundland with £9 worth. (That's a lot)

    Good to know the Fresh and Easy cookbook is worth a go, I ordered the 'ultimate' one and have found it pretty useful so far.



  2. Sounds like a good haul. I've not gotten into WW products before, they've just never appeared on my radar. Shall have to check out a few of these next time I do a shop :)


  3. There's quite a few new WW products there that I haven't tried. I like the look of the crackers and the cordial.

    I'm very jealous you got sent so much to try.

  4. weight Viewers always go out of their way to create sure there is a excellent assortment for us to try, plus any program that comes on my front door containing cookies and desserts is instantly a champion in my guide.


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