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Sunday Summary 78

Monday, 19 November 2012

Apologies for the delay in posting this - Team WAMK have all had an extremely busy weekend but we're still here and we still love you ALL!

Lauren - Despite a minor foot injury that effectively put the kibosh on any sort of exercise this week, I managed a loss of 2.5lbs. I put it down to having practiced what I preached this week and tracked everything. I'm well behind on my Ten Week Pledge and while I would love to get to the -15lbs mark by Christmas eve I can't see it happening. I don't think 15lbs in ten weeks was too unrealistic, but I also don't think I fully took into account everything that was going on in my life at the time. I will continue to strive for the 15lbs  but if I don't get there its not the end of the world - whatever I do lose will be down to having the pledge in the back of my mind and knowing that I made a commitment, which counts for something at least!

Rosie - This week I've really worked hard again - I went to a Pump class (absolute killer!), aqua aerobics, bootcamp (also a killer!) and advanced spinning, as well as fitting in a couple of runs.  I've eaten right, and kept my hand out of various tempting tins (Quality Street tins, biscuit tins, etc).  So I must admit I was a little disappointed when I didn't lose any weight this week, not a single lb.  I'm accepting that some weeks you lose and some weeks you don't and my clothes are feeling looser which is a better illustrating of having shed weight I think so I'm trying not to feel too disheartened.  I still only have 2 lbs to shake off on my ten week pledge so I'm hoping that might happen next week!

Gemma - As the instigator of the 10 weeks pledge I'm really not doing very well. The rest of the team are really putting me to shame. There are just so many social engagements this time of year that include food and I can't say no. I'm just trying to be as good as I can before going out to balance out all the high calorie food. I'm not gaining but I've pretty much maintained my weight since July and not lost anything. It's really starting to get me down now and I need something to get me back in the dieting groove. I'm really enjoying my weight loss and the confidence it has brought by going out an enjoying myself but I need to refocus my energy on reaching my -100lb goal.

Chris - Hello! I'm still alive, despite what my lack of activity here might suggest - but I bring exciting news! I'd like to take this opportunity to officially announce the winner of our Get Fit Feel Epic competition - the lovely Emma! She wrote a brilliant post all about how she keeps fit, and not only was the post passionate and inspiring, it also contained a line that made me think it was added purely to make me think it was awesome. We're hoping to bring it to you as a guest post tomorrow - watch this space! In other news, I'm going on a bit of a shred this next week: Monday-Friday I'll be attending a Les Mills class every day, eating Slimming World to the letter, and seeing what happens. I'll be keeping a diary and sharing my thoughts here, so watch for that too.

How are you all getting on? Have the Christmas goodies started creeping into homes and offices yet, or are you managing to avoid the naughtiness? If you are, please tell me how...there is a box of mince pies in my office that is positively screaming my name!


  1. I've had a great week getting back on track. 2.5 lbs off which means I'm under 10st for the first time this year! Thrilled to bits. Well done to you all, your blog is such a motivation xx

  2. Wahoo, thanks Chris. I do hope you mean the flying pterodactyls? Haha.

    No Christmas goodies in the office yet but people keep having birthdays which means one thing - cake!

    1. I can't help but feel that people who have birthdays when other people are trying to lose weight are extremely thoughtless and selfish! ;)

      Enjoy your goodies Emma!

      Lauren xx

  3. well done on your losses! Christmas time is always so hard with eating out with friends and family. I just hope that a good couple days will mean I wont see a gain on Thursday. But temptation in the form of cakes and biscuits keep popping up at work and more annoyingly everyone knows that 3 of us are trying to lose weight... S xx

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