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chris' 6 day shred diary: day three

Thursday, 22 November 2012




And so forth. Today was another Body Pump day, and I'll be honest, it was more difficult than I expected.

See, as much as Body Combat didn't feel like quite as hard a workout as Pump, I woke up this morning with some rather achey shoulders and arms - not the best situation to be in when you have a weight training class later that day!

I did, however, up my weights like I wanted to - if only on the back and squat tracks. My arms are tired today, and the idea of hefting extra weight around on the bicep and tricep focused tracks seemed horrific. However, it wasn't until I came to write this post that I realised that I'd gone lighter than last time on my shoulders - what a fool I am, eh?

Today's weights were:

Warmup - 10Kg
Squats - 32Kg
Chest - 20Kg
Back - 25Kg
Triceps - 15Kg
Biceps - 12Kg
Lunges - 20Kg
Shoulders - 12Kg

Which still isn't bad, and if I'm honest I'm kind of glad I didn't do the extra weight on my shoulders. I've got a Combat class tomorrow evening, so I'm not looking forward to how much my arms are going to hurt in the morning...

Foodwise, today I had:

Breakfast: Three apples. Standard.
Lunch: A big old baked potato, full of salad and coleslaw.
Dinner: A pasta, tuna, sweet chilli and vegetable... thing that I made because I fancied something different, didn't have much time before class, and couldn't be bothered looking for or following a recipe.

And finally... my weight: 1.2 pounds since yesterday. That's absolutely crackers, even for me, who loses weight quickly. I know this is probably that first bit of excess weight dropping off when you've not done a proper hardcore diet for a while, but still; two pounds in as many days ain't to be sniffed at...

See you tomorrow, shred fans!


  1. Have you fallen off the wagon it's now SUNDAY! Ps. Loved your account of your first Body Combat class. It's my favourite class ever.

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