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Chris' 6 Day Shred Diary: Day One

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I take exercise very seriously.

Okay, usually I take exercise very seriously (and look less camp during it; I don't know what the hell I'm doing in that photo. I'm also glad I wore my shorts underneath the skeleton onesie). But recently, my eating has got a little bit out of control. For some reason I can't quite fathom there has been an incredible amount of popcorn in my office recently, and doing things like getting a Dominos on Friday and then going to the Chinese on Sunday were really starting to make the pounds creep back on.

So, this weekend I decided: Let's do something about it. I'm going to rein the eating in, and really hit the gym hard this week - have a damn good shred and see how I feel, look and weigh afterwards, then share it with the wonderful readership of WAMK.

So, welcome to day one.

Day one was a Body Pump day. For anyone who's never done Body Pump, I would describe it as: a fight for your life with weights, while some dreadful masochist shouts at you over some Scooter B-Side or a remix of an Adele song. Except, somehow, it's fun.

Body Pump is a weights class, but it's never going to make you a hulking beefcake who can crack nuts with their biceps. Instead it focuses on strength, endurance and toning, and it's a damn good workout that will burn about 700 calories per session. I lift heavy because I'm fairly strong, but the heaviest I will ever put on my bar is around 30 kilos, which is around the weight of your average 10 year old (you try finding out what weighs 30 kilos using Google), and that's to put it on my shoulders in order to do squats - and it's still plenty!

So, today's weights were:

Warmup - 10Kg
Squats - 30Kg
Chest - 20Kg
Back - 22Kg
Triceps - 15Kg
Biceps - 12Kg
Lunges - 20Kg
Shoulders - 15Kg

I'd like to make a few of them a little heavier; squats and back in particular could go a little heavier.

Food wasn't too bad today: Breakfast was two apples, while lunch was a prawn wrap from the work canteen (which is probably a little bit carb heavy, but could be worse). That's not likely to change for the rest of the week as I do like my routine, although I do sometimes have a baked potato for lunch. Dinner was a Sweet and Sour made with Mr Bens Light sauce and boiled noodles, with loads of veg thrown in for measure. I'm about to sit down and watch the Walking Dead with an Options (Turkish Delight flavour - get in my head now you perfumed temptress, you), and that'll be it for the day - we'll see how my weight fares up tomorrow!

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